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Ninjatown Trees of Doom





Ninjatown Trees of Doom 


I never thought I would see the day in the video game industry where fun little games would sell for 99 cents. Ninjatown Trees of Doom is one such app on the Iphone/Ipod Touch. The concept is pretty simple. You have a little ninja who is climbing up. There is a tree on the right, and a tree on the left. Go as high as you can go. There must be a catch though right? Of course this is a game after all. Mindlessly running up the side of one tree would not be a whole lot of fun. Ninjatown Trees of Doom throws obstacles in front of the player. The higher you get the more strategy, and speed you will need.

The graphics in Ninjatown Trees of Doom are very bright and colorful. The ninja is a very happy looking character. Do not let the cutesy look fool you though. This game can require some serious skills later on. When your little ninja makes a mistake he falls, and the game lets you know how high you got. You can then replay or quit. I appreciate how family friendly Venan Entertainment kept this game in terms of dying.

The music in Ninjatown Trees of Doom brings something to the forest. I appreciated the music in this game. The only down side I can think of, is as soon as I finished playing I could not recall the rhythm. So the music did not stay with me very long. If it had, this section would have scored higher. There are no offensive sounds or language that I ran across in this hand held video game.

The main replay value to Ninjatown Trees of Doom is to get as high as possible. Ninjatown Trees of Doom has an addictive nature where I wanted to do better and better each and every single time. Another extra is the ability to upload your scores and awards to facebook, and twitter. Of course you need to have a facebook and/or twitter account to participate in this bonus.

After a few attempts I was able to master the controls in Ninjatown Trees of Doom. it controls really well, and the touch screen controls work marvelously. My one complaint is I could not climb back down the tree. You may wonder why I would want to do that. Well I ran into situations where I need to hop across to the other side, but lower. In other words I passed where I should have, and only have a death to look forward to. This is an easy and common mistake. Not being able to immediately correct it took some fun out of this app for me.

Ninjatown Trees of Doom may be the most family friendly ninja based video game ever. That is saying quite a lot because most ninja games are not very family friendly. I really like the concept of this game. I am not a fan of the randomly generating levels, but that is a personal taste issue. I would like to see sequels to this franchise in the future. I can see this concept working on other systems as well.
- Paul


Graphics: 89%
Sound: 79%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 86%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Venan Entertainment, Inc.
Rating: '4+' for 4+

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