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Namco Museum Megamix





Namco Museum Megamix 


Namco Museum Megamix takes everything that was good about Namco Museum Remix, and adds to it. There are now twenty-four games instead of fourteen. The arcade room contains many more games, and Grobda Remix is the new remixed game. Fans of Remix will feel right at home in Megamix. Many of the levels in the previous Remix games are present and accounted for in Namco Museum Megamix. I would not call Namco Museum Megamix a sequel more of a version 1.5 if you know what that means. If not let me explain, it is much better than the first one, but also contains a lot of same content. Like a Director's Cut version.

The colors in Namco Museum Megamix are alive, fun, and fresh. Pac-Man is heavily used in this Wii game so expect to see many of his colors. He gets to go places, and do things he normally would not get to do. Like get in a race car and drive around a maze, or get in a tank and shoot the other tanks. The graphics vary from these games. The old arcade games certainly show their age. The remixed games look a lot better. there is some violence as players will knock stuff off platforms, shoot ugly looking creatures, and inflate them to explosive levels (Dig Dug).

The classic sounds in Namco Museum Megamix made me smile. There is something about the Pac-Man sounds that have stuck around for thirty-five years. He is one of the icons of gaming, so anyone who is anyone pays attention to any game he is in. The music in Namco Museum Megamix fits the theme, and makes me think of fun. The shooting can get old in Galaga Remix, but was not so bad in Grodba Remix.

If you enjoy old school games then you will seriously enjoy Namco Museum Megamix. This Wii game is also a wonderful way of teaching video game history. Adding ten games to the franchise is really cool. The only down side is there is only one new remix game. So if you have the Namco Museum Remix, it may be a hard sell to purchase Namco Museum Megamix. Four players can enjoy these games, so it is inclusive.

The controls in Namco Museum Megamix can take some getting used to. I am familiar with the first game so I know how to roll Pac-Man around. Even though I had previous exposure, I still made mistakes which lead to losing a life. Rally-X Remix is still a pain to change directions in. Namco Museum Megamix allows gamers to use the Classic Controller if they are having problems with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination. I had fun with the twenty four games in Namco Museum Megamix. Updating older games is a great idea, and I love how Namco Bandai has done that with this franchise.

The violence in certain games is the only major issue I can see families having with Namco Museum Megamix. The majority of the games in Namco Museum Megamix are safe for families. I hope to see sequels to this franchise in the future. Namco Museum Megamix is a nice baby step up from the previous game, and I would like to see that progress continued. It was my pleasure to be able to play and review Namco Museum Megamix on the Wii.
- Sam


Graphics: 87%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 96%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 85%
System: Wii
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Cartoon Violence}

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