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Modern Conflict 


For decades I have enjoyed strategy video games. My personal favorite is the turn based strategy games. I go back to the Shining Force series, and can not stand the Final Fantasy Tactics franchise. So when I found out about Modern Conflict on the Ipod Touch/Iphone, I was all over it. Thanks to a generous code from the PR firm, Family Friendly Gaming is able to bring all ya'll this review. Players get to command helicopters and tanks in an effort to conquer the world.

I should make a point that Modern Conflict is not a turn based strategy game. It is real time with squares the players interact with. Another difference is certain squares only connect to others. So in a way it is like Risk. The visuals in Modern Conflict look much better than I expected. The tanks and helicopters look very realistic. They will shoot at one another, and there are explosions. I am surprised Apple gave it a 4+ rating with the violent images.

One of the things I appreciate about Modern Conflict is the game asks if you want to have the music play or not. Most games just assume you want their songs, so it is nice to be asked. The music is good in Modern Conflict, and emphasizes key points of the game. The special effect sounds revolve around the violence - which is minor. I also noticed that Modern Conflict does not dwell on the explosions.

Even though Family Friendly Gaming receives reviewable copies of games like Modern Conflict for free, I always check the price of the game and ask if I am willing to pay that price. Modern Conflict is one cent shy of a dollar. For all of the content you will get a dollars worth out of this game. There are enough modes and options to keep gamers busy for a few hours at the very least.

It took me a few minutes to comprehend how to play Modern Conflict. I went through the tutorial to completely understand the nuances of this hand held game. Touch a spot with your troops once and you can move half of them. Touch that spot a second time to get all of your troops. Move them to another spot to conquer that spot. Here is where Modern Conflict gets interesting, and has an interesting twist. Every single one of your territories gains a troop about one per second. The down side is you have to move your troops one space at a time. When the fields get larger, it would have been nice to move through owned territories. I had fun with Modern Conflict.

I really hope to see sequels to this franchise. In fact Modern Conflict would work masterfully on the Nintendo DS if there are a lot more levels added. I can see even more vehicles added to increase the length of game play in sequels as well. The violent content of Modern Conflict is all about conquering territories. It was my personal pleasure to be able to play and review Modern Conflict.
- Paul


Graphics: 73%
Sound: 82%
Replay/Extras: 84%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Clickgamer Technologies
Rating: '4+' for 4+

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