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Gummy Bears Minigolf 


Gummy Bears Minigolf is an enigma. It is Gummy Bears, and it is Minigolf. We know Minigolf as putt putt golf out here. Not that that really matters, but I felt like throwing that in there. The courses in Gummy Bears Minigolf range, and become more difficult as I progressed. Just as it should be. I had problems with consistency which is strange for me.

Many golf games come with guides, and really help the player determine how hard they need to whack the ball. Hit the ball too hard in Gummy Bears Minigolf, and it will go out of bounds. There is actually an award for getting out of bounds too many times. There is a ball on the bottom screen (touch screen). Players slide the stylus from the bottom of the Touch Screen up towards the ball without breaking contact. How fast you slide determines how much power is used. This may sound easy, but it can be very difficult.

If you have ever eaten a Gummy Bear then you know they are not exactly the most detailed edible treats on the planet. I was not expecting a lot out of the graphics of Gummy Bears Minigolf. The courses look much better than I expected. The background graphics are lacking in details, and so are the golfers. They do animate when you fail or succeed. I got more of the latter so I go to see various tantrums.

Gummy Bears Minigolf has great music that is just fun. A lot of games try and capture the enjoyable moments of life, and this Nintendo DS game gets it. Certain special effect sounds got under my skin. Getting out of bounds (my favorite pastime in this game) is top of the list. I found zero offensive language while playing Gummy Bears Minigolf on the Nintendo DS. Just some chewy goodness. I am so sorry, but I could not resist.

The biggest shock I got from playing Gummy Bears Minigolf on the DS was how much unlockable content there is. On each golf course there are coins. Many of them are in the correct line to make par. Not always though. The more I played, the more coins I collected which allowed me to unlock additional content. There is a multiplayer mode in Gummy Bears Minigolf as well. Custom courses can be made from holes that have been unlocked.

The coolest thing about Gummy Bears Minigolf is the awards that can be earned. Some are funny, and some are really cool. Mentally I am going back and forth on the controls in Gummy Bears Minigolf. They are easy enough to do, but can be very difficult to master. I lost track of how many times I rimmed the hole time after time. This became very frustrating. On my first attempt on the first hole I got a hole in one. I was never able to duplicate that though. The controls in this DS game are sensitive.

Gummy Bears Minigolf is a game on the Nintendo DS that is safe for the entire family. I enjoyed my time with this game, and have to admit it is rather addictive. I would love to see sequels to this franchise in the future. I believe one check to make sure we are pleased with the power we are picking is very important. The lack of guides (editor: in terms of power) feels strange for a golf game, but I managed without it.
- Frank


Graphics: 64%
Sound: 72%
Replay/Extras: 79%
Gameplay: 67%
Family Friendly Factor: 73%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Storm City Games
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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