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EA Sports Active 2 


Electronic Arts never ceases to amaze me. The original EA Sports Active was a fantastic video game. The biggest complaint was it was easy to cheat the system. Those that did so only cheated themselves though. EA Sports Active 2 takes the next logical step forward. There is a wireless device on your left arm, and then one on your right leg. This helps the Wii game (now on the PS3, and Xbox 360 as well) make sure we are doing the exercises properly. There is another reason.

The monitor on the left forearm takes your heart rate. EA Sports Active 2 will track your heart and then let you see how you did. I was so pleased to see that my decades of exercise in the gym and outside let my heart be in a relaxed mode while my body was exercising. When I went into tougher routines my heart rate went up, and I was getting a better calorie burn.

EA Sports Active 2 contains male and female trainers that are essentially digital characters. I was impressed to see they dressed modestly. The gym clothes are tight fitting, but everything is covered. The first time an exercise is going to be done this game shows a little video of how to do it. Then the trainer will perform it and have you follow. I skipped many of the videos because I was educated on the majority of the exercises in EA Sports Active 2. The island where this game takes place is a nice touch in my opinion.

The trainers are extremely encouraging in EA Sports Active 2. When doing cool down stretches it is important to listen carefully to what they are telling you. I held a certain stretch too long because I was talking and not listening. Yes I should know better. EA Sports Active 2 did not chastise me or anything. It did encourage me to get in the right position. The music in EA Sports Active 2 got me pumped up to start exercising. Oddly enough my heart rate dropped though.

EA Sports Active 2 includes various training courses like Basketball camp. Think I am kidding? I'm not. I can see athletes using EA Sports Active 2 to get ready for spring training, especially if it is too cold outside, or raining, etc. Where EA Sports Active 2 really shines is the custom workouts. They are so easy to set up, and easy to tweak. I love making my own work outs, and EA Sports Active 2 lets me do that. There are nine week training courses, three week courses, etc. EA Sports Active 2 is a game that can be played for months to come.

I found the motions I made were accurately reflected in EA Sports Active 2. I also found I got a great work out thanks to this game. I may have fussed at a few points when the pain centers in my brain were screaming at me, but I really enjoyed my time with EA Sports Active 2. I plan on continuing to use this product for months to come. I love the whole heart rate monitor. It adds a needed dimension to an exercise game. Two family members can work out at the same time with EA Sports Active 2.

Video games get a bad rap thanks to school shooters, quick to anger folks, and so many with a lack of patience. EA Sports Active 2 is one of those game that improves the image of the entire industry. This game proves video games are tools. They teach lessons, and we have to make the decision to purchase only those games that teach good lessons. EA Sports Active 2 will improve the life of every single person who purchases and uses it. I am very thankful that Electronic Arts was kind enough to send Family Friendly Gaming a reviewable copy. It has helped me in ways I did my best to express in this review. One final piece of advice my friends - have a towel nearby so you do not get sweat everywhere.
- Paul


Graphics: 96%
Sound: 97%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 95%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Wii/Playstation 3/Xbox 360
Publisher: EA Sports
Rating: 'E' for Everyone    

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