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Downstream Panic





Downstream Panic 


If you read my preview to Downstream Panic then you know my initial reaction to this Playstation Portable (PSP) video game developed by Eko, and published by Atari. If you have not read my preview, let me sum it up – I expected a game with a lot of problems. What I found was a cool little Lemmings like game based on fish. These fish are in bubbles that releases them, and then gravity does the rest. Players guide the fish using various tools to the bottom avoiding the fish with the big teeth (editor that will chomp them).

I like all the various colors used in Downstream Panic. There is a very bright and colorful feel to this PSP game. I was expecting a lot worse in terms of the animated blood. There is a small red explosion when a fish gets eaten. That red liquid dissipates quickly. The player must get so many fish to the goal, so having too many fish die is wasteful. The goal is to keep the fish safe.

The music in Downstream Panic is very infectious. I enjoy listening to it while safely guiding the fish between the buoys. When the player fast forwards the action, the music gets put into a fast mode as well. Eko knew what they were doing because the music sounds okay at that speed as well.

There are over eighty different levels, and various modes in Downstream Panic. Puzzle gamers will spend weeks conquering everything in Downstream Panic. This hand held video game starts out easy enough, but later levels are very challenging. This game can be found for a good price at different outlets. Only one player can play Downstream Panic at a time.

The gameplay in Downstream Panic is simple enough. Size up the level, and see what tools are available to you. From there decide on a course of action. If you fail, restart the level. Levels can be restarted at any point. If you get stuck, just keep trying. This is an issue with Downstream Panic. The hints were worthless if the player can see the solution. Some hints that help beat that exact level would have helped.

The main lesson in Downstream Panic is to safely guide those to the end goal. Avoid the pitfalls, and those who want to do you harm. Downstream Panic reminded me of the Holy Bible where it teaches narrow is the path to heaven. The blood aspect is the major drawback to Downstream Panic. It would have been nice to remove that altogether. I hope that is an option in a sequel.
- Paul


Graphics: 68%
Sound: 81%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 69%
Family Friendly Factor: 69%
System: Playstation Portable
Publisher: Atari
Rating: 'E10' for Everyone 10+
{Animated Blood, Mild Cartoon Violence}

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