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Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam 


Disney continues their dominance of the family friendly films, and television shows. Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam is the latest release on Blu-ray, and DVD. Family Friendly Gaming was blessed enough to receive a reviewable copy on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Copy. This is also the Extended Edition. Long time Disney fans will appreciate Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Nick Jonas appearing in this film. This musical ranges from rock to hip hop.

I really appreciate how family friendly the attire is in Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam. I have no issues letting my children watch this movie. In fact they have already seen it multiple times. They may not be capable of mimicking the dance moves, but they are trying. The Camp Rock dancers are more appropriate than the Camp Star dancers. The moves they do are different, and I did not find any of them to be sexual in nature. There is some visual humor in Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam as more than one Jonas brother gets soaked.

How good is the music in Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam? Well I have already downloaded half of the songs to my iPod Touch. There are quite a few good songs on these discs that interested different members of the family. The competitive nature of the two camps comes through loud and clear. There are also some minor issues related to relationships that are dealt with. I found it interesting that the boy characters did what the girl characters wanted to draw them close. Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam is packed with songs.

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam contains Rock Along, music videos from Camp Rockers From All Over The World, Sneak Peaks, and Getting to Know Camp Star's Newest Stars. The extended version also contains never before scenes and two new songs. Those two songs are Different Summers, and Walking in my Shoes. All ages of the family can enjoy Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam. In fact this movie has been re-watched quite a bit since its arrival.

The menu screens on Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam have an intelligent design. I am not a fan of how the sneak peaks are done though. I had to go through them one after the other. The story in Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam is a good one, and I really do not want to spoil the ending. I will say the ending is not exactly what I was expecting. It does teach a well known lesson though. In fact when I watched it with Paul he commented on it.

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam deals with some great issues. What is really important in life? Should we be all business and no play? I have to admit I agree with the lessons in Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam. I will let you watch the movie to see what I am talking about. There is some mild in romance in Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam, and some fantastic lessons in responsibility. I hope Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam is not the final movie in this series.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 88%
Sound: 91%
Replay/Extras: 97%
Gameplay: 84%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Blu-ray/DVD
Publisher: Disney
Rating: 'TV-G' for
General Audiences

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