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Brooklyn to Babylon Shinobi Ninja Attacks





Brooklyn to Babylon Shinobi Ninja Attacks 


Family Friendly Gaming is expanding into Iphone/Ipod Touch reviews. Brooklyn to Babylon Shinobi Ninja Attacks is one of the first games we are reviewing. This app is essentially a Final Fight clone. There is an interesting twist however. The band Shinobi Ninja has their music play in this game. This is an interesting connection between music and video game. There have been other musical video games in the past, but this kind of a connection has not been tried very often. Could it turn into an all new genre? Will we see a Newsboys game down the road? God only knows, because I am not going out on a limb for that concept.

The characters in Brooklyn to Babylon Shinobi Ninja Attacks look slightly better than the ones in the River City Ransom video games. In other words expect the look of Brooklyn to Babylon Shinobi Ninja Attacks to be old school. There are however a lot of vibrant colors used in this game. The core of the action in this hand held video game is fighting. Your character punches, kicks, and jumps his way around the enemies. I never was very clear why they were attacking me. Maybe there are a lot of music haters in New York City.

The music is very rockish, and it gets the blood pumping. Apple has a descriptor in relation to the lyrics. I did not hear any offensive lyrics while I was playing Brooklyn to Babylon Shinobi Ninja Attacks. I also checked with the PR contact, and the radio version of the songs are used for the game. I would advise families to obey the age rating because of the humor and some of the game’s dialogue.

There are four different band members that can be played in Brooklyn to Babylon Shinobi Ninja Attacks. There are enough levels to keep most Ipod Touch/Iphone users busy for a few days. The price is low, so that has to be part of the purchase decision. Only one player can play this game at a time.

I absolutely hated the controls when I started playing Brooklyn to Babylon Shinobi Ninja Attacks. I could not feel the on screen D-pad, or the buttons. I kept getting off, and got slaughtered. As I spent more time with the Ipod Touch I got better. I still have issues with the controls. The controls can not be felt, and your fingers cover them so they can not be seen.

Players beat everyone in their path to get to the other side in Brooklyn to Babylon Shinobi Ninja Attacks. I was a little embarrassed to be playing this game. I like the concept of a band having a major connection to a video game. I would like to see any sequel improve the control scheme.
- Paul


Graphics: 56%
Sound: 52%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Gameplay: 59%
Family Friendly Factor: 58%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Shinobi Ninja Video Game
Rating: '12+' for 12+
{Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References, Mild Profanity or Crude Humor, Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence}

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