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Away Shuffle Dungeon 


Away Shuffle Dungeon is one of the strangest role playing games this reviewer has ever played. A village has a problem of people just vanishing out of the blue every so often. The hero Sword (yeah pretty corny) must unravel the mystery and get all the villagers back. Initially there are all kinds of comparisons to the Zelda franchise. That is until the player enters a dungeon. The top and bottom screens shuffle around. Get caught while it is moving, and your character gets reset. There are also other bad side effects to getting caught. So the player is always moving up and down between the screens. There are only a few seconds between the shifts.

Away Shuffle Dungeon has to be the ugliest looking role playing game this reviewer has ever played. The RPG Master was not expecting a lot for ten dollars (editor: price FFG paid for this title), but still. The details are bad, and Away Shuffle Dungeon is an embarrassment. As if the horrible graphics were not bad enough there is enticement to lust, and violence.

This Nintendo DS game gets props for trying to change alcohol to garlic. This one character is obviously a drunk, but it was changed to garlic. This is very commendable. Away Shuffle Dungeon does unfortunately contain some language issues, and sex is shown in a very cheap way. The music is okay in Away Shuffle Dungeon, and is one of the things that saves this section from being a dismal failure.

Dungeons can be replayed multiple times. There are various options in terms of raising magical fupong. These provide the player with their various magical spells. The main storyline gets stranger, and more adult as the game progresses. Even though this game did not cost a lot of money, this reviewer can not recommend it.

Away Shuffle Dungeon keeps players on their toes. Some dungeons are ridiculously easy, whereas boss battles can be insanely difficult. There is a great imbalance in that regard in this hand held video game. There are a few bonuses to leveling up, and that entire system is fascinating. Players level up by killing creatures. The number of creatures is how this works. So fighting tougher or easier monsters makes little difference.

Away Shuffle Dungeon had a lot of potential. The shuffling dungeons is the most unique idea in many years. Unfortunately there is a lot of moral and ethical content that was not needed. In this reviewers opinion this game should have received a ‘T’ for Teen rating from the ESRB. No sequels are required.
- RPG Master


Graphics: 47%
Sound: 58%
Replay/Extras: 72%
Gameplay: 73%
Family Friendly Factor: 54%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
Rating: 'E10+' for Everyone 10+
{Alcohol Reference, Comic Mischief, Mild Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes}

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