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Attack of the Movies 3-D 


There are those low budget scary movies that are often referred to as “B” movies, and now there is a video game based on those low budget movies. Attack of the Movies 3-D, from Majesco, not only fashions itself after the monster stories in such low budget movies, but the game itself clearly reflects the lack of time and effort put into the development process.

Attack of the Movies 3-D is a shooter that is very straight forward, and provides a gimmick that some gamers may enjoy – 3-D. It is important to remember this is not James Cameron’s Avatar that utilizes the new 3-D technology, but rather the old fashioned Red/Blue glasses are used to present the 3-D environment. With the use of the Red/Blue technology, the colors of the game are washed out and the somewhat bland. The 2-D versions of the levels are more enjoyable and have a lot of bright colors. As mentioned, the 3-D comes across as a gimmick, and gamers will quickly realize the wild art on the game case is much more interesting than the game graphics.

The game consists of 6 different levels that present environments for slaying monsters. The game is very short, and will only be replayed if you have some friends that want to join in the action. Additional players can join the game simply by turning on another Wii Remote and pressing the A button. Gamers will be able to gain weapon upgrades and life packs during the levels. The rapid-fire upgrade is the best option for quickly defeating the enemies. The camera provides some frustration at times during the levels. When shooting some on-coming enemies, the camera will quickly turn to the next target area, but the previous enemy can often attack you from off camera.

The graphics in the game are more of what you might expect in a low budget arcade game. Environments are only there to provide a background, because things other than the bad guys cannot be shot or destroyed. It would have been nice to have had opportunity to blow up buildings and other things that would send small pieces of debris out of the TV right into your personal space. But no such interactions with the game’s environments exist.

The content of Attack of the Movies 3-D is well represented on the game cover - monsters, sharks, skeletons and more jumping into the crowds. As mentioned earlier, the cover is the highlight of the game. Parents can discuss the reality, or lack thereof, in the enemies depicted in Attack of the Movies 3-D. This game is definitely not for younger audiences as the monsters are constantly trying to kill the gamer.

I hope Majesco can take some of the aspects in Attack of the Movies 3-D and make a more enjoyable game in the future.
-   Alan


Graphics: 62%
Sound: 68%
Replay/Extras: 55%
Gameplay: 49%
Family Friendly Factor: 59%
System: Wii/Xbox 360
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
Rating: 'T' for Teen
{Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence}

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