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Alpha and Omega 


When I heard that Alpha and Omega on the Nintendo DS came into Family Friendly Gaming I was very excited. My initial thoughts were this was a Christian video game. With a name like Alpha and Omega how could it not be? Well I was wrong. Alpha and Omega is based off of the feature film about wolves. There are alpha wolves who are the leaders, and then there are omega wolves which are essentially the fun loving members who are the back of the pack. Once I got over my initial disappointment, I started playing this movie based game.

There are some real shining moments in Alpha and Omega. The music levels look fantastic, and have great colors. The side scrolling levels have graphics that are a little small for my taste. They also reuse images. The cut scene images look good, and have a lot of humor to them. There is a lot of diversity to the images in Alpha and Omega. From racing down the slopes to playing golf.

The music in Alpha and Omega fits the theme of this game, and brings something to the table. Alpha and Omega has fantastic instructions on how to play each level. My only quibble here is the voice actor. He is a little too monotone for my tastes. Some more emotion would have boosted this Nintendo DS game up a level. Playing Alpha and Omega has got me interested in seeing the movie, even if many of the plot elements are predictable.

Alpha and Omega for the DS is part platformer and part mini game compilation. Some of the mini games are a blast. Then there are others that I could not wait to get finished with them. The down side to Alpha and Omega is the length of this game. I beat it in a few hours. If you enjoy the mini games then you will find replay value. If not, Alpha and Omega is a short trip. Only one player at a time can enjoy this DS game.

Certain levels in Alpha and Omega are really quirky. Racing to the finish and having to collect so many items, and do certain stunts may sound good on paper. Doing this multiple times is where Alpha and Omega lost me. I will admit that Alpha and Omega keeps it fresh by having players do different things. I also felt certain control schemes were really weird especially on the DS. The sledding is the best example of this.

Alpha and Omega is really lite on the cartoon violence. There are some mild areas where this occurs, but by and large Alpha and Omega is very safe for families. I would love to see this game shifting expounded upon in future games. The golf and music game in Alpha and Omega are the best two in my opinion. Who thought being a wolf could be this much fun?
- Sam


Graphics: 76%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 76%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 82%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Storm City Games
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Comic Mischief}

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