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Alice in Wonderland 


I expected Alice in Wonderland to be quite a trip on the Wii. This home console game does not disappoint in that regard. A few at Family Friendly Gaming have commented on the front cover of Alice in Wonderland. The word used to describe it is creepy. Johnny Depp has taken on some strange roles in his time, and his rendition of the Mad Hatter should be interesting. Anyways back to the game. Alice in Wonderland is part hack/slash and part puzzles. There are various powers that different characters have. Players need to use the right power in the right place at the right time to open the way.  Other times players must dispose of the enemies.

The graphics in Alice in Wonderland are absolutely wild. They are a little darker than I expected, and not nearly as colorful as most Disney Interactive Studios' video games. The playing cards with armor are a common enemy the player must dispose of. Thankfully those parts are not as frequent as solving mysteries. Alice in Wonderland increases the difficulty in the enemies as the game progresses. There are a few interesting boss battlers in this game as well. The dress Alice wears changes with her size. Thankfully she is covered up no matter how big or little she becomes.

I enjoyed the voice acting in Alice in Wonderland, even though most of it felt like sound bytes. Tweedledee, and Tweedledum had some of the best lines. Since this is Alice in Wonderland, then you know you can expect some nonsense talk, and madness. There are minor threats, and some old English profanity. The music fits the graphics perfectly because it can get eerie. Many of the special effect sounds fit the theme of a wonderland.

Players unlock various secrets by first finding a hidden item, and then purchasing the skill that goes along with it at a shop. Players are collecting the right amount of monetary value for the shop from the levels. There are chests, grass, bushes, and other destructible objects throughout the levels. Players acquire them while playing. Alice in Wonderland does something I found very interesting. You lose so many of those monetary items when you lose a life. The game will let you come back over and over again. The game lets you come back even when that number is zero. Two players can play Alice in Wonderland at the same time.

Alice in Wonderland is a very easy game to pick up and play. The skills increase as the player moves on. There are areas where you can get stuck. My advice is to switch to a different character. Other times you need to be in a certain place. For example the Mad Hatter has to be in a specific spot to use his skill. Having to fight the armored cards did get old after awhile. I did enjoy seeing new levels, and progressing the story. Freezing time at just the right point was the key in many areas.

This is not the animated Disney Alice in Wonderland many families are used to. The storyline is a continuation (of sorts), and there is content that could scare younger members of the family. I would advise families to use the ESRB's rating of a 10+ as a minimum. This Alice in Wonderland is a lot darker and more adult than we were expecting. With all of that said, as an adult I found a solid movie based game that has some real bright spots. Until next time quest, nowhere, snud, snud.
- Paul


Graphics: 68%
Sound: 79%
Replay/Extras: 86%
Gameplay: 84%
Family Friendly Factor: 78%
System: Wii/PC
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Rating: 'E10+' for Everyone 10+
{Fantasy Violence}

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