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Ys The Ark of Napishtim





Ys The Ark of Napishtim 


The Ys (pronounced ‘eees’) series means more to any old school hard core role playing gamer than Final Fantasy, or Dragon Warrior ever will. Sadly this one decent franchise has degenerated with a too many other wonderful franchises. Ys is all about a red haired hero named Adol. For some reason he is the swordsman who keeps getting the task of saving the world. Kind of like how Zelda always has a Link. This Playstation 2 (PS2) video game falls under the hack and slash label. Murder enough enemies and then the player levels up. With each level up comes more strength, and tougher enemies can then be defeated.

Ys the ark of napishtim has some decent color usage, and wonderful artistic drawings in the characters. This series has always been known for that. Many of the women dress in a blatant enticement to lust, there is blood, and a lengthy amount of violence.

The voice acting in Ys the ark of napishtim is okay. The voices sound nice, but they rarely express any real range of emotion to the RPG Master. There is also the problem of bad language that has no place in a video game like this one. There are characters who worship, and teach goddess worship.

The length, and amount of secrets to unlock in Ys the ark of napishtim is surprisingly short. In fact it is highly disappointing considering previous Ys video games. Even though Ys the ark of napishtim for the PS2 can be found at a decent price, the RPG Master recommends passing on it.

What Konami was thinking with the button layout is anyone’s guess. It does not feel right, especially on menu screens. The character controls well, and the game gives a little ping sound when the player is not strong enough to defeat a certain enemy. The layout of some of the dungeons make little sense, and can become annoying.

Ys the ark of napishtim is another game that tries to slip evolution in to make it more acceptable for the majority of Americans who do not believe in that religion. This PS2 game contains way too many RPG cliches, and contains the murder millions to level up for the next area ancient mechanic. The goddess worship is most distressing. No more sequels.
- RPG Master


Graphics: 57%
Sound: 59%
Replay/Extras: 56%
Gameplay: 62%
Family Friendly Factor: 51%
System: Playstation 2
Publisher: Konami
Rating: 'T' for
{Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol}

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