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Yamaha Supercross 


I expected Yamaha Supercross to be a poor clone of the Excite Bike franchise. DSI Games shattered that concept pretty quickly. The track designs are intense, and require some skill (editor: even at the easy setting) to be able to complete them in the top three. This Wii game is also an officially licensed Yamaha product. Fans of dirt racing will be pleased to learn that. Like every other racing game the general goal is to get to the finish line first in the amount of laps available for that particular race. Bumps, jumps, tricks, and U-turns are all present and accounted for in this motorcycle racing home console video game.

The one gripe, and complaint I have about Yamaha Supercross is the dark graphics. I picked a racer with a flamboyantly loud outfit so it would contrast. This led to a few problems in figuring out where certain bumps and hills were. Rarely did it cost me anything, but sequels need some improved lighting. I also want to be clear that this is not every track. You can crash your motorcycle, but are quickly reset back on the bike. Other racing franchises have made the mistake of glorifying the accidents, and I am happy to report this game does not do that.

Yamaha Supercross has some rockish music that really gets the blood pumping. If you have ever been to a dirt racing event then you know what kind of electric guitar to expect. The engine sounds on the bikes reflect their real life counter parts easily. I did not find any offensive language, or sounds while playing this Wii game. Messing up challenges does tell the player they failed.

I was not expecting a lot in the extras department, and this is one area that DSI Games exceeded my expectations. There is a lot of bikes, tracks, and racers that can be unlocked. On top of that there are enough modes to gamers busy for months. I feel this game is worth the price of admission.

It took me a few races to get used to the controls in Yamaha Supercross. The Wii Remote has the button for the gas, and the bike controls via the Nunchuk. Taking those U-turns can be tricky at first until I learned the sensitivity. Once I did I was rocking and rolling into first place. I had a lot of fun with Yamaha Supercross. In fact I expected this game to be a chore, and it brought a real smile to my face.

Yamaha Supercross teaches control, concentration, planning for upcoming obstacles, and winning. I appreciated how the races are fair, and there is no fighting the other racers. Yamaha Supercross teaches other racing games how to be a good sport.
- Luke


Graphics: 79%
Sound: 89%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 84%
Family Friendly Factor: 83%
System: Wii/Playstation 2
Publisher: DSI Games
Rating: 'E' for

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