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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen





Transformers Revenge of the Fallen 


Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is the officially licensed video game from the Summer blockbuster movie of the same name. Since the movie received less than pleasant reviews (and after seeing it I can see why), I was eager to find out how the video game would fair.

The game contains two campaigns, one for both the autobots and decepticons. Each campaign follows the movie plot loosely and is long enough to satisfy both the hard-core gamer and the casual transformer fan. The two campaigns are also different enough the gamer will enjoy playing both. The autobot missions include rescue/escort, destroying enemies, repairing army satellites and much more. The decepticon missions will have the gamer destroy as much of the autobots as possible as well as reeking havoc on earth.

The game presents the Transformers in the best video incarnation to date. The robots are very detailed and look amazing - especially while transforming. Each transformer has three modes: robot, vehicle and weapon. Once the gamer gets comfortable with the controls, it can become really fun to be a transformer. Speaking of controls, the game does use a difficult controlling system for the beginning gamer. I would recommend playing through the tutorial several times in order to familiarize one's self with the specifics of all the control options. As mentioned earlier, once these controls are mastered, the game becomes much more enjoyable.

One thing I did find a little disappointing was the underwhelming AI. At times the AI presents the enemies as less than intellignt. For example, I was finishing a level as Ironhide to find the cut scene showing Long Haul (one of the most anticipated bad guys) to be the boss for that level. I literally became excited about the up coming battle. After a few rounds of back and forth, I circled a building to gather myself and found Long Haul was stuck"shaking" under an overpass. I simply had to fire my weapons to finish him off. I noticed small glitches like this with a few of the drone enemies as well. This did not completely take away from the gaming experience, but was disappointing to say the least.

The only other real issue I had with ROTF was the voice acting. Some of the characters feel real and are engaging, while others are very hard to understand or simply too bland. Even the sound levels are different in some cases from one transformer to another.

Transformer ROTF is rated "Teen" for Mild Language and Violence. The mild language reflects the aggressiveness between the oppossing sides and how the interact with each other. The violence is to be expected as the autobots and deceptions are fighting to rid the world of each other. Violence includes melee attacks and various weapon attacks. There are also times where humans may be caught in the fighting and will be seen dead in the street or being thrown across the screen. One lesson learned from autobot leader Optimus Prime is the importance of taking care of the humans and trying not to destroy there planet. When playing as the autobots, there is also the theme of good versus evil, but it is not emphasizes as much as I would have liked. There are not too many other lessons to be learned or discussed, as this is simply a third-person action game where the goal is to destroy the bad guys.

One feature that separates ROTF from it predecessor, is the new multiplayer (online) mode. Players can join others in various modes including Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Single Deathmatch and more. For gamers that enjoy playing online, I am sure they will find multiplayer more enjoyable than the single player campaigns. The multiplayer mode and the single player unlockables should keep you interested for a while.

Being a Transformers fan, I was very excited about ROTF. As a fan, I can enjoy the action and gameplay. However, with the discussed issues of the game and the constant destruction within the gameplay it is not something I would recommend to younger gamers. Perhaps if a child was interested in playing the game, then it would be imperative for the parent or guardian to sit down with them while playing.
- Alan


Graphics: 76%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 78%
Gameplay: 65%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%
System: Playstation 3/Xbox 360/PC
Publisher: Activision
Rating: 'T' for Teen
{Mild Language, Violence}

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