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Rubiks Puzzle Galaxy Rush





Rubiks Puzzle Galaxy - Rush 


I enjoy being able to download a video game from my very own living room, which is why I have embraced WiiWare titles for quite some time now. It was my personal honor to be able to play Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy - Rush on the Wii. The Game Factory went an interesting direction with this title. Players guide the blocks through various levels to the end. They can not hit one another, and they can not fall off the edges. They also included the original Rubik's Cubes for the players to solve. The Game Factory also included leaderboards for those of us who like to be competitive.

The colors of the blocks stand out against the white backgrounds of the levels. The Rubik's Cubes look very realistic, and I enjoyed getting to rotate around them. Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy - Rush has safe for the entire graphics. I did not find any offensive graphics in this WiiWare game at all. There are some neat little special effects that seasoned veterans will notice in various locales.

The music is pretty good in Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy - Rush. The sound bytes for when a player completes a level is very computerized. I did not think it fit the theme of the game at first, however after playing for awhile I warmed up to it. I loved hearing how successful I was when I completed a level. The training mode was very helpful in this WiiWare video game.

The Game Factory included enough levels in Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy - Rush to make it worth the price of admission in my book. No hard copy manual, no case, and no retailers means this game comes in at a much lower price. Family Friendly Gaming was gifted a copy of this game. It is really cool to see games like Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy - Rush come to WiiWare. I expect it will do really well.

The gameplay is very simple in Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy - Rush. Press one button (A) to select the directional boxes. Use that same button (A) to press where you want to place it, and finally press another button to remove it (B). Moving around the screen to look at the area from all angles is a nice touch. I had fun playing Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy - Rush, unless of course I had trouble figuring the level out.

Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy - Rush is safe for the entire family. This is one of those video games that requires thought. I did find with a few levels that I solved by just playing around until I found the right combination. The difficulty level starts easy, and becomes more complex as the game progresses. There were a few levels that are stilling stumping me. I would like to see sequels to this game, and yes I know this is a sequel (editor: of sorts) to a previous Rubik's Cube video game from The Game Factory.
- Kimp


Graphics: 87%
Sound: 86%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 91%
Family Friendly Factor: 89%
System: Wii
Publisher: Two Tribes/The Game Factory
Rating: 'E' for

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