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Disney Interactive Studios picked the perfect name for this game - Pure. This is the cleanest ATV racing game I have ever played.  Pure is also one of the most intelligent racing games (editor: that includes tricks) I have played in a long time. Preload for jumps, then while in the air perform a low level trick to increase the boost bar. Soon the second level tricks come up, and finally the third level tricks. Here is where strategy comes into play.  Pressing a specific button gives the player a speed boost, but it drops the boost bar. So the player has to find the right balance between boosting, and performing tricks that keep the boost bar available. The Xbox 360 version of Pure was used for this review.

The graphics caught my eye in Pure. They are so well done, I felt like I was out there mudding. The vehicles, tracks, and characters look very realistic. You can make mistakes and go flying off the vehicle. To the developers credit, they get the player back in the race quickly, and never dwell on the accident (like some competitors). There is no combat in this game, which is something I am very thankful for. The female characters I saw were dressed appropriately as well.

Pure has some fantastic realistic ATV sounds in it, and the splashes while going through the water portions are also very realistic. The music is going to be a love it or hate it. The music is energetic, alive, and loud. I had trouble discerning most of the lyrics because of how fast they were, err uhh I guess that classifies as singing. The good news is you can go into the options and deactivate all or some of the songs.

Pure has stocked full of extras, options, and modes. You get to build your very own ATV, and customize it beyond belief. There is an online mode for two to sixteen players to compete against one another. The online also includes leaderboards, and voice.

The control scheme in Pure is simple to learn, and gets better with upgrades to the parts. Preloading is simple, and the tricks are also easy to perform. The real key to Pure is finding that right balance. I love games like this one because I am making split second decisions on which path to take, and what level of trick to perform. Trying a high level trick on a short jump leads to a crash.

Disney Interactive Studios never ceases to amaze me. They obviously considered the family with Pure, because there is a warning at the start of the game to not try these tricks in real life. I appreciate how good, clean racing is encouraged. The way to get there in Pure is with hard work. I hope to see more of this franchise, and Family Friendly Gaming will welcome any sequels. Check this one out.
- Frank


Graphics: 92%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 89%
Family Friendly Factor: 89%
System: Xbox 360/PC/Playstation 3
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Rating: 'E' for
{Mild Violence}

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