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Petz Wild Animals Dolphinz





Petz Wild Animals Dolphinz 


Petz Wild Animals Dolphinz was one of those video games that I was very excited to start playing, and then review. Unfortunately there was a bit of a let down after I played this Ubisoft Nintendo DS video game. The player gets to play one of two teenagers who help their uncle out as he is creating a water park in the vein of Seaworld. The player is not really playing with Dolphins all the time. Which could have been a good thing, but Ubisoft dropped the ball there. Then there is the extreme liberal environmentalism message that is shoved down the players throat. The irony is Family Friendly Gaming is most likely the only major video game media outlet to bring up this problem with this game. The reason is the other gaming media outlets are generally on the extreme political left fringes themselves.

I prayed about whether or not to put up a picture of the female teenager in the magazine with the review. I got the impression since her attire is borderline it is proper to bring to the attention of all our wonderful readers. This will help you decide on her attire choices. There are plenty of animals, and anime like still shots as the story is told throughout this game.

The music is decent in Petz Wild Animals Dolphinz, but there is some language issues in this game. There are also some sexual innuendos included that teenagers and up will immediately recognize. My guess is Ubisoft included those in an attempt to interest the older gamers. With me it does the opposite. If you can handle the game play issues mentioned in the next paragraph then there is a lot of replay value in Petz Wild Animals Dolphinz. Two characters to play with, plenty of animals, and enough fascinating characters to keep a gamer busy for weeks. There is also unlockable content in this game that describes different marine wild life of God’s creation. Sadly this game does not give God the credit He so richly deserves. If the extreme liberal message was not included then this is a game worth the money. Since Petz Wild Animals Dolphinz is permeated with it, I would say pass.

There are some fun little mini games inside Petz Wild Animals Dolphinz on the Nintendo DS. The problem is the player must replay them over and over again in order to progress. This can get a little tedious especially when the park gets full. Moving around the park feels strange to me since the player uses the stylus to essentially launch themselves in a certain direction.

Petz Wild Animals Dolphinz came into Family Friendly Gaming with a lot of hope, and came out with a lot of changes needed. The water park story can easily be forgiven, but the extreme liberalism has got to go in any sequels. The game includes way too many inaccuracies that pander to the radicals on the far left. I had some fun with the mini games, and would like to see a future Dolphinz game cleaned up, and brought to the people.
- Paul


Graphics: 77%
Sound: 76%
Replay/Extras: 83%
Gameplay: 79%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Ubisoft
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Language}

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