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Nancy Drew Dossier Resorting to Danger





Nancy Drew Dossier Resorting to Danger 


Nancy Drew Dossier Resorting to Danger is the second in Her Interactive’s casual line up based on Nancy Drew. This game progresses in some regards. There is more storyline, and less matching of items. In other words the puzzle action is more diverse in the sequel. The story follows a resort for the pampered rich. There is a mad bomber who has been setting off explosives at this resort. Nancy Drew is brought in to find the bombs, and stop them from exploding.

There is an interesting artistic presentation in Nancy Drew Dossier Resorting to Danger for the Personal Computer (PC). The cut scenes are told in an almost comic book kind of way with some animation. The level screens range from beautiful drawn, to simplistic puzzle games. I found this range to be appealing personally. There are some mild violent images as the ESRB has noted.

Nancy Drew Dossier Resorting to Danger has fantastic voice acting. The arrogant, obtuse rich patrons will make your skin crawl. I hate to admit it, but there was one hateful woman that I wanted to backhand. Her threats, and insults were beyond what I would be able to take. Nancy Drew keeps her composure, and gives a wonderful lesson in turning the other cheek. The music fits the theme of this game perfectly.

If you enjoy the different mini games then you will find a lot of replay value to Nancy Drew Dossier Resorting to Danger. The length of this game is good for the price. This PC game lets you build up hints, and use them in areas you get stuck. If you move your cursor all over the screen you should not get stuck. There is also a journal explaining the various quests.

The controls in Nancy Drew Dossier Resorting to Danger are pretty good. The game is very clear on what can be interacted with. Her Interactive did not confuse the player by having everything accessible at once. The tea pot is not accessible until it is time to make tea. This makes Nancy Drew Dossier Resorting to Danger easier for the casual gamer, which is the target audience. I had fun playing this game, and found myself addicted to certain parts.

Nancy Drew Dossier Resorting to Danger teaches the player to use their mind in various ways. There are a lot of puzzles to be solved in this PC game. There are also a lot of diverse characters, many of them self absorbed. This series is improving in my opinion.
 - Mark


Graphics: 86%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 81%
Gameplay: 84%
Family Friendly Factor: 81%
System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Her Interactive
Rating: 'E10+' for Everyone 10+
{Mild Violence}

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