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Morning Light 


I was surprised by Morning Light, because I was expecting something completely different. Morning Light on DVD and Blu-ray (the latter was reviewed) is a documentary of fifteen rookie sailors training to race in the Transpac. The Transpac is a 2,225 mile race by Yacht across the ocean. This is a grueling test of strength, stamina, and spirit. This race can take up to ten straight days out on the Pacific Ocean with no hope of rescue anytime soon. What makes matters even more difficult in the training is only eleven of the fifteen actually go out on the race. A skipper has to be picked and then who goes on the boat must be decided.

The scenery in Morning Light is beautiful. The sunrises, sunsets, and the ocean are awe inspiring to me. As if that were not enough part of this 98 minute documentary is in Hawaii. The women in Morning Light are dressed appropriately. Many of the men have their shirts off in a few of the shots. Washing ones hair while sailing is one of the more interesting images on this disc.

The only issue I have with Morning Light is some of the mild language issues. The worst language is bleeped out. I understand certain people lost control and entered into bad verbal habits. That is something that happens to a lot of people in real life as well. The music in Morning Light is exceptional. There are also sounds of things like vomiting - this is a very real documentary. Characters even discuss what it must be like for the only woman on the boat.

Morning Light has a couple of bonus features: Stories from the Sea, and Morning Light making the cut (as aired on ESPN). Compared to a lot of other Disney products, and what is on the market I feel this Blu-ray is a little light on the extras.

The disc functions properly, and worked as it should in multiple different Blu-ray players. I enjoyed the layout of the menus, but I wish the words were a little bit larger. Morning Light gave me a greater respect for professional sailboat racing. Okay, okay, okay it actually gave me respect for it, since I did not honestly have any before watching this movie.

Morning Light touches on the human spirit, drive, and work ethic. These young adults realized how difficult sailing in the Transpac actually is. They also face difficult decisions head on, and learn from their mistakes. I really enjoyed this documentary.
 -  Yolanda


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 74%
Replay/Extras: 77%
Gameplay: 89%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: DVD/Blu-ray
Publisher: Disney
Rating: 'PG' for Parental Guidance
{For Some Language}

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