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Monsters Inc 


Monsters Inc. has made it to Blu-ray. I was very excited when I first heard it was coming to Blu-ray. Then I had to ask myself why. Monsters Inc. has never been a personal favorite of mine. My children love this movie. So I sat down and watched the movie on Blu-ray, and remembered why my kids love this movie. Monsters Inc. is a growth movie, where children are respected, protected, and appreciated. Laughter is shown as better than screaming as well.

The animation in Monsters Inc. on Blu-ray looks fantastic. There are a lot of colors that bring this movie to life. Monsters seem frightening at first, but they are portrayed as very human. The reason they scare children is explained in this movie. Monsters Inc. has a lot of images of love, helping out those in need, and doing the right thing. I love how the head of the plant is taken away for his unethical, and ultimately evil acts.

Monsters Inc. has a very specific sound that fits the theme of the movie. I really am not into that kind of music, but I can appreciate it. The voice acting in Monsters Inc. is awe inspiring. There are some very big name actors that are used. The humor in Monsters Inc. reaches across all age ranges. I also noticed how tightly woven the story is. My children did comment on a word here or there they are not allowed to say (i.e stupid).

Disney Pixar stuffed this package full of content. There are four discs: two Blu-ray, one DVD, and one digital copy. You will spend quite a few days going over all the bonus content. I personally liked the Mike's New Car Short, Filmmakers Round Table, Roz's 100 door challenge, and the behind the scenes of the ride in Japan. The commercial shorts were also of interest. I feel that Monsters Inc. is worth the money.

The menu screens are laid out in a way that is easy to use. I also found a very intelligent design to them, that fit the theme of the franchise perfectly. The story is a good one that warms the heart of all that saw it here at Family Friendly Gaming. Laughter truly is good medicine, and Monsters Inc. teaches that lesson.

I was not really sure how I would review Monsters Inc. before I watched it. The whole monsters being portrayed as good guys is something that pricked my ear before. There are bad monsters in this movie, and I like that lesson. Just like in life there are good people, and bad people. The group of the people is not as important as the contents of their hearts. It was my pleasure to be able to watch, and review Monsters Inc.
- Paul


Graphics: 89%
Sound: 88%
Replay/Extras: 94%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 88%
System: Blu-ray/DVD
Publisher: Disney
Rating: 'G' for General Audiences

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