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Mean Girls 


Mean Girls has made the fetch migration to Blu-ray. I had not seen this movie in awhile so I was pretty surprised by a few aspects. More on that coming up soon. Lindsay Lohan plays the daughter (Cady) of two academics who were studying in Africa. Because of that she was home schooled. Her parents get positions back in America, and she has to go to public school for the first time at fifteen years old.

Cady starts out dressing very respectfully, and slowly degenerates into more and more provocative attire. Women in their bras are shown in a few scenes, and there is a lot of teenagers kissing. There is also a coach who is shown to be kissing different girls. All of this tacky uncommitted behavior causes a violent explosion later in the film.

If you thought a lot of the enticement to lust images were bad, wait till you hear about the language. The movie starts out lying about home schoolers in a failed attempt to make fun of them. It goes from that dis-service to a lot of foul language. I am actually surprised with all of this bad language it did not get an 'R' rating. There is also a character who is : "too gay to function." This attempt to normalize a destructive lifestyle choice is sure to offend many of our readers.

Paramount included a nice array of special features in Mean Girls. Featurettes like Word Vomit, Only the Strong Survive, and The Politics of Girl World fit nicely with deleted scenes, and commentary. The problem I have is there is offensive content in a lot of these extras. That unfortunately drags this movie down. I wish they would have included a television, or cleaned up version on the same disc.

Mean Girls functions properly and there is a definite intelligent design to the menu screens. I ran into no issues traversing the various screens. The storyline contains a lot of deception which leads to pain in others. Selfishness is not explicitly taught against, however I could see how it led to many of the problems the characters had. The other problem was an over-emphasis on sex.

Mean Girls has one of the worst parents I have ever seen. The head mean girl Regina's mother tries to be a friend to her daughter instead of a parent. This turns into a dismal failure, and the younger sister gyrating to music videos and even worse television is disgusting. Cady lies to her parents, friends, and teachers. Near the very end she finally comes clean, and that is the saving grace for Mean Girls.


Graphics: 64%
Sound: 48%
Replay/Extras: 69%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 61%
System: Blu-ray
Publisher: Paramount
Rating: 'PG-13' for Parents Strongly Cautioned

{Sexual Content, Language and some Teen Partying}

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