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Madden NFL 08 


Madden NFL 08 is one of the most disappointing football games I have played in a few years It has taken me quite some time to narrow down the main issue I have with this Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Playstation 2 video game (editor: other versions exist, but are not clumped into his awesome review). The football action does not feel like a real football game, and the Madden assistance for new comers is the opposite of helpful in most cases. I also found myself disagreeing with this video game as to where certain teams should have been ranked.

Madden NFL 08 looks decent graphically. Many of the stadiums look like they should, but the players faces are still a far cry from what they actually look like. I find it interesting that EA brags about the faces in their basketball games, and looks away when hard hitting news organizations like Family Friendly Gaming ask when their football games will receive the same treatment. The violence of football is included in Madden NFL 08.

EA must have listened to Family Friendly Gaming when it came to the sounds. The offensive music of past versions of this franchise has been subdued. Madden NFL 08 has music that is questionable, and it can still be turned off. This music does not play everywhere in the game, so this is a major step in the right direction.

I almost always recommend simulation football games in the replay department. Madden NFL 08 has a lot of features, teams, modes, and players. The problem is expectations have been so high for so long that I feel like this is an okay sequel. If you get Madden NFL 08 for under twenty dollars then consider it.

The biggest problem I have with Madden NFL 08 is the game play section. This game does not feel like football to me, and that is really important. Almost every game I played had strange things happening that rarely happen in games. Running backs who never fumble dropping the ball like a hot potato., steady receivers dropping the ball, etc. I did not have fun with this particular video game.

Football can teach team ethics, working together, and doing what is good for the team. Unfortunately Madden NFL 08 teaches none of those things. The improvement to the music is a small baby step in the right direction that I hope future releases improve upon. Madden NFL 07 was a better game in my opinion, and one I will keep playing over this one.
- Frank


Graphics: 82%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 86%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 83%
System: PS2/Playstation 3/Xbox 360
Publisher: EA
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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