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Lips Number One Hits 


Lips is Microsoft’s karaoke singing video game for the Xbox 360. Lips Number One Hits is the latest release that includes 40 different songs from various eras. If you have ever listend to pop, rock, or rap music on the radio you will find songs that you are familiar with. I came across quite a few songs I knew (nothing current of course, since I have only listened to Christian music in the last decade).

Music videos are included for each of the songs. Thankfully Microsoft realized there are a lot of offensive images in many of these music videos, so they included other visual choices that are much safer for the family. Lips Number One Hits has some nice special effect visuals as the player is singing the songs. The words for the songs are on the screen, and, and bars fill as the player properly mimics them.

Lips Number One Hits have songs that run the gambit of various topics. The main theme in this game is love. Or maybe that would be lust. I did find most of the songs in Lips Number One Hits have very tame lyrics. I even noticed that there is a remake of The Tide is High (Get the Feeling) included. Forty different songs is a lot, and even more can be downloaded in the future. This Xbox 360 game is very forgiving of the player’s vocals on the easier settings.

Which is such a wonderful segway (and I love doing those whenever possible). Lips Number One Hits includes 5 free song downloads (as long as you do it before June 30, in the year of our Lord 2011). There are plenty of singing levels to reach, as well as songs to master. I have to admit that not every song will appeal to everyone. I found at least ten songs that were ones I had no interest in. Then after trying them, never wanted to sing them again.

Lips Number One Hits was very kind to me in the vocals. In fact when I started this Xbox 360 game, a few people came down the hall, and made less than positive comments about my singing. Which led to them giving it a try, and scoring lower than me. Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes is always harder than being a critic. Yes I realize I am working as a critic of video games. Anyways Lips Number One Hits controls well, and I appreciated the scoring system.

I learned how to change vocals in the middle of a tune, and to sing songs closer to how the artists sang them. Lips Number One Hits is a definite improvement in the franchise in my opinion. I like how music videos are not the only choice. I also like a good percentage of the songs.
 - Paul


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 66%
Replay/Extras: 76%
Gameplay: 74%
Family Friendly Factor: 62%
System: Xbox 360
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Rating: 'T' for Teen
{Lyrics, Mild Cartoon Violence, Sexual Themes, Use of Tobacco}

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