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I remember asking at E3 if there was going to be a Rock Band that had Christian songs in it. The biggest complaint I hear about the Guitar Hero, and Rock Band games are lyrical content in many of the songs. Well Cloud 9 Games has stepped up to the plate to fill this void with JAMBAND. This allows families, and friends to get together and jam together to some fantastic Christian songs.

JAMBAND is a minor graphical upgrade from the Heavenly Harmony video games. What amazed me most when I first starting playing this Personal Computer video game is how much is going on - on the screen. There are a lot of things happening, and you really need to concentrate on just your portion. I am a curious kind of person, so that can be difficult for me. That lack of discipline lead to a lower score.

The sounds in JAMBAND is absolutely perfect. I spent a lot of time enjoying all the various songs in this game. In fact many of these songs are my personal favorites. Some of the artists are TOBYMAC, AVALON, NEWSBOYS, SANCTUS REAL, AUDIO ADRENALINE, and DC TALK. These are major names that are very well established. It is easy to sing along with most of these songs as well. You need a little more talent for the rap songs in my opinion.

JAMBAND has a ton of replay value to it (thanks to the forty unique songs). Six players can play this game at the same time jamming with the keyboard, using an USB microphone, USB drum, and USB guitar interfaces. I feel that JAMBAND is worth the money. Cloud 9 Games included a lot of unlockable content that will please a lot of gamers.

I found it is pretty easy to play JAMBAND. The only complaint is there is so much going on that it can be easy to get lost. This is the kind of a game that would work great with some online modes. It can also be entertaining trying to get a lot of people in the same room with their controllers around the same monitor. With all of that said, JAMBAND is still fun to play. Kids up to adults had a good time with this PC game.

I really like how Cloud 9 Games keeps developing and growing. I hope to see sequels to this game, and I really believe they would work on the Wii, Xbox 360, and/or Playstation 3. Families all over the world can have a lot of fun with JAMBAND, and I will be recommending it. There are a lot of wonderful lessons in JAMBAND, and it was my personal pleasure to be able to play, and review it.
- Paul


Graphics: 84%
Sound: 100%
Replay/Extras: 92%
Gameplay: 82%
Family Friendly Factor: 100%
System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Cloud 9 Games
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated

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