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Interactive Bible I Peter 


I was really looking forward to playing and reviewing Interactive Bible I Peter. It is so refreshing to see developers using the Bible as the basis for making a video game. Graceworks Interactive did a great job of presenting the Book of I Peter in such a way families can enjoy learning together.

Interactive Bible I Peter presents the gamer with different locations and “levels” to explore. The different levels include an introduction to the book of I Peter and the book itself broken into sections by chapter and verse. For example, the Introduction level gives the gamers the opportunity to read a summary of I Peter. The summary covers the 5 themes Peter discussed in I Peter. After reading the summary, the object of the game is to go around finding keys, answering questions and clearing obstacles in order to collect 5 gems. These gems will be used to finish your crown once all items are collected.

The gems can only be obtained by answering questions based on the readings of each level. The questions cover various topics and are presented as multiple choice or true/false. The questions can be repetitive and that does become annoying, but for younger gamers the repetitiveness can help them learn the principles. This type of game encourages reading and comprehension. Gamers will want to focus on the reading passages so the questions can be answered correctly, thus earning the necessary gems. And keep in mind the Bible is topic of the readings. This provides young gamers a fun and entertaining introduction (or review) of the Bible, specifically I Peter.

The gameplay presents itself as first-person and the controls are simple to learn. The gamer will need to walk around the levels looking for keys, stars, health hearts and gems. To get these items, questions have to be answered and obstacles avoided. The obstacles range from holes, invisible floor tiles, falling boots and ice. These do not necessarily fit the environments they are in, but they serve their purpose. The sound of the game is very pleasant and fits right into the game.

While walking around the various levels, you will find the environments are very repetitive. It would have been nice to see more of a variety in the images and settings. Younger players may find it difficult to find their way through the levels when everything looks the same. The in-game graphics are adequate for the game, especially since the focus is on learning and answering questions. One thing to note regarding gameplay, there was one level where a gem was missed and once I got to the end of the level I was unable to go back. The level design prevented me from backtracking to find the missing gem. In order to complete the level, I had to end that game and start over. This was a little frustrating, but since this particular level was short it did not take long to get back through the level.

Interactive Bible I Peter is a good game for Christian Schools, Homeschools and even Christian Education departments in the Church. Despite some of the issues that keep Interactive Bible I Peter from being a truly great game, there is no denying the impact this game can have. Parents and Christian Educators should definitely add this to their libraries. Gamers will learn the principles discussed in I Peter including Salvation, Encouragement, Persecution an much more. I am definitely looking forward to future games from Graceworks Interactive.
-   Alan


Graphics: 75%
Sound: 92%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 76%
Family Friendly Factor: 100%
System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Graceworks Interactive
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated

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