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Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure





Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure 


Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure is one quirky little Playstation Portable (PSP) UMD disc. This action adventure role playing game from Mastiff earns its E10+ rating from the ESRB. I have also found some interesting charm to this video game. The little girl hero is the only human who can see monsters, and becomes friends with them. Phantoms attack the village, and it is up to her, and her enchanted drill to save the monsters. There are occasions in this story that she helps her fellow humans by stopping the monsters from stealing food.

There is plenty of hacking and slashing in Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure. There are some simple puzzles in this game, and quite a few dungeons require a certain action to open the entrance. Certain characters have to be consulted in order to progress. The monsters all have a cartoon look to them, and the main character has a nice anime look to her. There are a lot of bright colors in this game, although some of the dungeons start to look a little bland.

The quality of the voice acting in Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure is top notch. I love to hear the different actors express emotion in the cut scenes. I do not remember any bad language in this PSP video game. There are some adult themes as there is sadly some sexual content in some of the dialog. One character keeps trying to date the heroine.

Players can expect close to ten hours of play time to get to the end of the story. The are plenty of items to acquire, but few of them are worthwhile. Extra fighting can bring more junk, and money which can be used to upgrade items and buy them (in that exact order).

Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure controls really well, and the camera behaves (editor: generally). I did run into a few areas where the camera would get confused. If I was being attacked at the time it led to frustration. Thankfully this was rare. The fighting action with the drill got boring, but violence always does.

Parin is trying to save the monsters from the phantoms. She is saving her friends, but using violence to do so. The sexual content is not needed especially for ten year olds. The same goes for the tobacco. There is a lot of charm in Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure. It has problems, but better than most action adventure RPG’s on the PSP.
- Paul


Graphics: 69%
Sound: 78%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 72%
Family Friendly Factor: 64%
System: Playstation Portable
Publisher: Mastiff
Rating: 'E10+' for Everyone 10+
{Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes, Tobacco Reference}

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