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Guitar Hero On Tour Modern Hits 


Guitar Hero is back on the Nintendo DS for the third time in just under a year. This time Activision is releasing Guitar Hero On Tour Modern Hits. The funny thing (to me at least) is none of these songs fit into my definition of a hit. That’s okay, because I am guessing someone somewhere enjoys songs like the ones contained on this Nintendo DS video game cartridge. The bands in this game have weird names like: Weezer, The Offspring, Coldplay, The Kooks, Foo Fighters, and AFI. There are more of course, to go along with the twenty-eight songs. My biggest shock with this game is it does not work with the Nintendo DSi since the peripheral that connects goes into the GBA slot.

Guitar Hero On Tour Modern Hits has a real dark look and feel to it. I suppose it goes along with the theme of going to dingy bars and clubs at night. I still found it a bit depressing. Certain female characters are trying to attract attention the wrong way with their wardrobe choices. There are various character selection choices, but none fit my style.

The biggest issue most families will have with Guitar Hero On Tour Modern Hits is the lyrics to the songs. This section of the review is filled with disappointments for me. There are angry songs, selfish songs, encouraging all kinds of bad behaviors. The game encourages the player to shout into the microphone at certain points to attain a higher score.

Guitar Hero On Tour Modern Hits has some unlockable content, although some of it can be offensive. Multi-card play options are there for up to two players. I would say pass on this game for the lyrical issues, and the game play issues (editor: which are coming up in just a minute). The hand held version of Guitar Hero is not as good as the home console version in my humble opinion.

I wish I could say I had fun with Guitar Hero On Tour Modern Hits. I have had fun with the Wii Guitar Hero III game. The angle of the screen with the Guitar Grip is really hard on the wrist. I made it through a couple of songs, and my wrist would start hurting. I don’t know of a better way to do it, I just know it made playing Guitar Hero On Tour Modern Hits a painful experience.

The main lesson in Guitar Hero On Tour Modern Hits is to become a rock star through playing really well. I would never aspire towards that kind of a prison personally, but a lot of people worship this kind of a lifestyle.  Where is the Christian Rock Guitar Hero game Activision? I know that would score a lot higher than Modern Hits with FFG.
 - Shirley


Graphics: 59%
Sound: 51%
Replay/Extras: 66%
Gameplay: 55%
Family Friendly Factor: 57%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Activision
Rating: 'E10+' for Everyone 10+

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