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Garfield Gets Real 


I was pretty excited to get to play Garfield Gets Real on the Nintendo DS. This game is based on the movie, and DVD of the same name. The presentation of this hand held video game is cinematic. What I mean by that, is there is a director at the start and end of the levels. I have not seen this done before in a video game. Garfield Gets Real contains a couple of kinds of levels. One has things flying at Garfield and he must either collect or avoid them (based upon what they are). Then there is side scrolling levels. The controls are the one thing about this DS game that really threw me (more on that later).

Initially I was disappointed with the graphics in Garfield Gets Real. Jon does not look very good, but Garfield looks decent. There is some pixelation, but I see that in a lot of Nintendo DS video games. The animations are interesting, especially the dance moves from the well known sarcastic fat cat. There are a lot of colors used, and some nice effects in transparency. Garfield can get hit by various objects.

The sound bytes in Garfield Gets Real are really good. You might want to watch your children because Garfield is not known to have the most positive attitude. In fact he is not fond of a certain day of the week. He can also be selfish, and a glutton. The music is cool in Garfield Gets Real, and fits the theme of this video game.

There are some coins that are very tough to get, which is one of the main reasons to replay Garfield Gets Real.  Getting a higher score, and figuring out some of the dance moves are also reasons to replay Garfield Gets Real. If you can adapt to the control schemes then you will find your money well spent on Garfield Gets Real for the DS. I had trouble with the controls.

If you move Garfield to the right, he keeps going until he can no longer go that direction. The touch screen controls that allow the player to draw a line which way they want to go is really cool. Old school gamers can still use the buttons. The side scrolling levels are extremely difficult and I feel that is mainly because of the controls.

Garfield Gets Real teaches catching items, getting the right number, and finding a good timing pattern to make it through obstacles. Garfield Gets Real lightly touches on selfishness, gluttony, and bad attitudes. Compare to a lot of other Garfield products this one is tame in the sarcasm department.
- Luke


Graphics: 76%
Sound: 81%
Replay/Extras: 74%
Gameplay: 69%
Family Friendly Factor: 73%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Zoo Games
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Comic Mischief}

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