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I got excited when I heard Fireproof was making it to blu-ray. This is the first faith based movie I have seen on Blu-ray, and I am glad Sony Pictures brought this Sherwood Pictures film to this format. This movie teaches so many wonderful lessons about marriage that it should be required watching before anyone decides to tie the knot.  Husbands have a responsibility to lead, and that starts with service to their own family. Old school families left the wife completely in control of raising the children. These days the men have a much more active role in the raising of their own children.

I am thankful that I have a husband that is helping around the house as often as he can. There are times his help is not that helpful, however I know his heart is in the right place. He also gives our children a wonderful example.

Some find the ‘PG’ rating controversial, however I think it fits. There are images where people could die, and some very angry faces. The ending has some fantastic images that have some fascinating hidden meanings for those paying close attention. Or if you have read the interview posted on Family Friendly Gaming.

There are some top notch songs in Fireproof. Casting Crown’s Slow Fade being the biggest one. There is a lot of disgust, anger, and a few arguments in this movie. Fireproof may be the most real movie I have ever seen in relation to how some families wind up. The love shown at the end of the movie make this pain worthwhile in my opinion.

I could fill the rest of the review up with all the special features, and extras on this blu-ray disc. I won’t do that though. A few of the standouts are Wayne’s Firehouse, Marriage Matters, Wayne on Wayne, and the Firegoofs. I feel that this blu-ray movie is worth the price of admission.

There are some really cool features on the menu screens of Fireproof. I like how easy it is to scroll through each of the screens. The story in Fireproof is fantastic. The heart felt story may seem geared more towards the woman. Both sides get to express how they feel. Men need to feel respected, and women need to feel loved. Because of some parts of this movie I would say it is better for teenagers and up. Younger children can see Fireproof, but most of the concepts will not resonate with them.

Some people may complain about the spiritual nature of Fireproof. I saw no problems in this area. In fact I can think of no marriages that have failed when God was put as the center of the marriage. This should not offend anyone, instead get them thinking. I love how a marriage is saved in Fireproof, and how this movie has saved real life marriages too. I can’t wait for more movies from this company. 
- Yolanda

UPDATE {08/08/2014}: The anti-man sentiment in Fireproof is being recognized.


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 95%
Replay/Extras: 98%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Blu-ray
Publisher: Sony Pictures
Rating: 'PG' for Parental Guidance
{for thematic material and some peril}

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