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Cradle of Rome





Cradle of Rome 


Cradle of Rome was a great surprise on the Nintendo DS. I wanted a  port for the Wii, and got it. The Bejeweled style of game is advanced with the building of your very own Roman civilization. Strategy comes into play determining which resources are needed. Meaning the three images lined up give the player money, lumber, stones, etc. I enjoy that aspect of this Wii game quite a bit. I found myself not only trying to get all the background blue blocks, but also holding off in certain instances because I needed more of a specific resource.

The graphics are bright colorful, and alive in Cradle of Rome. Sure this is a port to the Wii, but it is a port that makes perfect sense, and fits perfectly. The main screen background changes with the development of the players civilization. Some may find this aesthetic, but little touches like that go a long way here at Family Friendly Gaming. I did not find any offensive images while I was playing Cradle of Rome. The visual hints were not always easy to see, but I was happy to have them.

The sounds in this Wii game made it feel alive. The music got my blood pumping, and the special effect sounds excited me. The creation concept of building a civilization resonated well here at Family Friendly Gaming as well. I did not hear any offensive sounds while playing Cradle of Rome for the Nintendo Wii.

There are a lot of puzzle games that I enjoy. Cradle of Rome finds itself on that very list. The storyline, and strategy concerning which items to go for in some levels, as well as unlocking areas of the puzzle screens make this one a keeper. There are some intelligent designers out there working diligently on games, and Cradle of Rome is obviously one of those games. There are no multiplayer modes, so that would be the only drawback to this section.

Cradle of Rome has fantastic Wii Remote controls. I can play this faster on the Wii than I can on the PC. For some reason I felt quicker on the DS, but it is great to see this game on the bigger screen. The levels, and power ups exhibit a very intelligent design. Not only did I have fun playing Cradle of Rome, I also had fun explaining the multiple game play dynamics to others here at FFG.

Too many video games are about destruction whereas Cradle of Rome is about creation. The puzzle aspect teaches concentration, pattern recognition, and problem solving. I can see this theme working in a lot of sequels on the Wii. It was my pleasure to play and review Cradle of Rome on the Nintendo Wii home video game console.
- Paul


Graphics: 89%
Sound: 88%
Replay/Extras: 94%
Gameplay: 88%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Wii
Publisher: Destineer
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Alcohol Reference}

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