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AMF Bowling Pinbusters





AMF Bowling Pinbusters 


I was very excited to receive AMF Bowling Pinbusters on the Wii. My hope was there would finally be a good fleshed out bowling game on the Nintendo Wii. Wii Sports showed what can be done, and the trophy is sitting there waiting to be grabbed. Unfortunately for Mud Duck they did not step up to the plate in a way that they should have. Maybe Nintendo makes it look too easy, or maybe there was not enough testing done on AMF Bowling Pinbusters. Whatever the case, the feel of Wii Sports Bowling is not captured in this particular title.

The graphics in AMF Bowling Pinbusters are very crisp and clear. I like how sharp the bowling balls, lanes, and different alleys look. The down side is every single female character is wearing tight clothing and/or busting out of their clothes in the chest region. If the video game industry ever wants to be taken seriously then treating women as pure sexual objects has to go. The ESRB noted the sexual content in this Wii video game, but the amazing depth of it was extremely shocking to me. All of the characters in this game are extreme in their nature; a rapper, a military sergeant, a cowgirl, an Elvis impersonator, etc.

The music is forgettable in AMF Bowling Pinbusters. The bowling sounds are okay. I have heard better, and had higher hopes for this game. The characters in AMF Bowling Pinbusters repeat a few slogans over and over again. Their voices are below average, and fit exactly into their extreme characters. The problem is these characters do not fit into a bowling game very well.

If you can get by the characters, and upcoming game play issues then AMF Bowling Pinbusters may be a game of interest. There are a few extras in terms of mini games. Those mini games were not of much interest to me personally (editor: pool bowling for example). This game can be found for under twenty US Dollars at most retailers, but I would suggest passing on it.

AMF Bowling Pinbusters has a few game play issues. The main is the controls in the bowling. The same controls from Wii Sports Bowling is used, but not as effectively. Certain characters would always put a spin even if I was not. This led to never using them again, and some bad games when they were used. I did not have much fun playing AMF Bowling Pinbusters.

Sexual content and bowling do not mix. If Mud Duck wants to make any sequels to AMF Bowling Pinbusters, then they need to drop the enticement to lust issues. The other issue is the controls need to be tweaked. Some additional extras would be appreciated as well. Avoid AMF Bowling Pinbusters.
- Paul


Graphics: 69%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 77%
Gameplay: 71%
Family Friendly Factor: 74%
System: Wii
Publisher: Mud Duck
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Suggestive Themes}

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