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A Plumm Summer 


A Plumm Summer is one of those amazing, awesome, and exciting family films that only comes along every so many years. It takes us back to the late 1960s when the world was a whole lot better place. The beauty and grace of Montana abounds in a small town where the biggest thing is Froggy Doo. Very little changes in this area, and the destructive cultural upheaval had not reached them. Froggy Doo is stolen, and a few kids take it upon themselves to try and crack the case.

The visuals in A Plumm Summer are awesome. I come from (what was at one time) a small town, and out in the country. This movie reminded me of being in harmony with nature. There is some blood as a bully gets punched in the nose, yet the images are there and gone. Some people get whacked by a hand offside their heads. This is as bad as this movie gets.

The music is exceptional in this movie. I liked how well done the script is as well. The biggest problem with A Plumm Summer is how verbally degrading some characters are. A Plumm Summer shows real life, and problems between a drunk dad, and the rest of the family. It also has a lot of name calling, and insulting of certain characters. This also accurately reflects how a lot of people in the world act towards others. I find that a shame personally.

A Plumm Summer contains quite a few fun, interesting, and fresh extras. The Behind the scenes music video is just awesome. I have not seen such a good music video in a very long time. The audio commentary, gag reel, deleted scenes, and behind the scenes at the red carpet round out the extras. I enjoyed A Plumm Summer so much that I will be watching it multiple times.

Every single aspect of the menu screens in A Plumm Summer functioned as I would expect them to. There are two major plotlines in this movie, but so much more going on in the background. Solving the mystery takes backstage to the redemption of the wounded family. There is also a loss of innocence, and coming out of ones shell. All of this is interwoven amazingly well.

A Plumm Summer is a very enjoyable film that hints at a sequel near the end. I hope a sequel is made. This bygone era can teach us a lot of things about how much our culture has lost over the years. Taking chances, trying to succeed, and doing the right thing for the family are stellar lessons this movie teaches. Henry Winkler still has the right stuff, and does a great job in this film.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 78%
Replay/Extras: 91%
Gameplay: 94%
Family Friendly Factor: 95%
System: DVD
Publisher: Paramount
Rating: 'PG' for Parental Guidance
{Thematic Elements and some Mild Rude Language}

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