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101 in 1 Explosive Megamix





101 in 1 Explosive Megamix 


101 in 1 Explosive Megamix is huge. It is also tiny at the same time. How can I bring those two polar opposites together and make it work? Hopefully the same way Family Friendly Gaming brings so many diverse people from various backgrounds together driving toward the same traditional goal. 101 in 1 Explosive Megamix has a ton of mini games. Each mini game is very small. Take 101 of them, and its huge. I could beat a mini game a minute (well some of them anyway) and still play for a lengthy time. Atlus has done a beautiful thing by bringing 101 in 1 Explosive Megamix over to America. The variety of the different mini games has left me speechless. You really have no idea how long it took me to compose myself.

There are a lot of colors used in this Nintendo DS video game. In fact I believe every major color in the rainbow was used in 101 in 1 Explosive Megamix. There are a wide range of graphics in this major mini game compilation. Some graphics are there to help people, and others are to blow things up. Some of my favorite graphics were avoiding crashing into other vehicles.

The music in 101 in 1 Explosive Megamix is AWESOME! I know I am not supposed to use caps or exclamation points, but sometimes you just have to. I totally got into the music that greeted me every time I turn this DS game on. Atlus was kind enough to make sure we get written directions to each of the mini games. Trust me, and read them. They are in the game, just a stylus touch away. It will save you time, and aggravation.

101 in 1 Explosive Megamix can easily be played for weeks. Play the mini games, earn points, buy more. If you want to see all the mini games you will log quite a few hours on this game. If you want to beat all the mini games, then I may hear from you in Christmas or later. There is a multiplayer mode if both players have the game cartridge and a Nintendo DS (each).

There are so many different games in 101 in 1 Explosive Megamix that I easily found some I enjoyed. Most players will find some games they like in this montage. Most of the mini games control intelligently. There are a few of them that make little sense to me. For example the basketball game was spotty at best. Sometimes I could score over and over, and others I kept watching it barely go to the top screen, or fly way off the upper screen.

101 in 1 Explosive Megamix is the kind of a game that I would like to see a sequel to. My major complaint is some of these games are awesome fun, but the game gave me no real incentive to replay them. This DS game is a really good idea, and I hope it does well. I am not fond of every mini game, but like the variety.
- Luke


Graphics: 74%
Sound: 81%
Replay/Extras: 83%
Gameplay: 73%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Atlus
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Comic Mischief, and Mild Cartoon Violence}

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