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World of Goo





World of Goo 


Since Nintendo had launched the WiiWare program in the shopping channel, developers with big ideas and little budgets from all around have flocked to this unique and exciting program to share their original titles. Some are better than others. Some shouldn't have bothered. Fortunately, my review for World of Goo is a happy review. In World of Goo, you take control of little balls of goo. There are many different species of goo, and all have different functionalities. It's a very challenging game, and the use of heavy physics makes one have to think carefully and precisely to reach the goal. As you all know, I'm for games like this 100%.

Graphically, the game is brilliant. The art style is pure, clean and fun. Lots of colors and backdrops were used. Really, the game reminded me of a Dr. Seuss book. The game changes seasons starting in Summer and ending in Spring. It's absolutely stunning. Environments also change, too. From grassy hills to the Red Carpet to an old factory, name it and World of Goo has it. Did I mention that you also locate on the Information Super Highway (a.k.a the Internet)? Yep. It goes there. Through out the game, you'll follow the Sign Painter, who is a type of mentor to you. He leaves signs behind. They often give you hints, but sometimes just leave silly messages to make you think outside of the box. No offensive images were shown.

The music in World of Goo is nothing short of amazing. The music never gets annoying. It can get stuck in your head, but I really don't consider it a bad thing. Careful time and composing was taken into consideration, and it's obvious. It sounds like a professional level (as if it were for a movie soundtrack or a high-budget video game) artist composed the music. My jaw dropped several times. The little goo balls also talk. They'll squeal, say "Yippee!" and so on. If the goo balls are hurt or die, you'll hear a grunt. It's nothing offensive or scary. In fact, all it made me think was "Oops..." No offensive sounds were made.

In a small way, World of Goo teaches players a lesson. The World of Goo Cooperation is what takes the goo and processes it. However, the company is destroyed and there is a sign that falls saying "We're in it together!". It makes me think that society is so dead-set on progress that we'll eventually destroy ourselves in the process. In another way, I see the goo balls representing man-kind. The way the goo balls work together to reach the goal, it makes me think someday people will get past silly differences and start working together.

Players looking for a challenge need to purchase World of Goo. As far as violence, it's all cartoony and in good fun. Nothing offensive is shown or heard. I was amazed at the quality of this game. My only problem with it is that it feels much too short. This reviewer certainly would like a sequel or even another title from the developers. Games like World of Goo show what the WiiWare Program is for.
 - Classic Tyler


Graphics: 94%
Sound: 98%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 100%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Wii
Publisher: 2D Boy
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Comic Mischief}

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