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Princess Debut





Princess Debut 


Natsume has been one of the longest home console, and hand held developers to produce video games for the female side of gaming. There once was a lie in the industry that women and girls had no interest in video games. Sure we have an interest in video games, just not the ones that used to dominate the market. Natsume acknowledged the reality that women and girls have a different interest when it comes to entertainment. Princess Debut lets a girl be a princess, and try and find her prince charming

Princess Debut has an exceptional artistic style to it. There are plenty of pretty dresses that fit a princess. A few of the dresses raised my eyebrow, however there are enough choices that these dresses can be avoided. There are a lot of dances, and dancing animations in this Nintendo DS video game. There are waltzes, and Latin dances included. While the player is playing on the touch screen the top one shows the two characters dancing. If you know anything about real dancing then you know exactly what to expect in Princess Debut.

I really enjoyed the music in this game. It sets the mood, and atmosphere of a fantasy land where I could be royalty. Each prince has a different personality, and it is up to the player which one to pursue romantically. I loved the idea of a clean, wholesome, and decent romance where dancing is how the royalty get to know one another. There are some pranks played by some characters on others, and angry responses.

Natsume included a lot of items that transform the girl's clothing into a fantastic dress, plenty of dances, romances, and modes in Princess Debut. Girls and women will find a lot of replay value to this DS game. Princess Debut is one of those games that can easily be played for a month or two. If you are into any kind of romance at all, you will find Princess Debut is worth a purchase.

The touch screen is used in most of the controls in Princess Debut. The different story modes, and menu screens can be taken care of with the buttons too. I liked the motions I had to follow on the touch screen because they made a lot of sense. I did wish more dances were available from the start because replaying certain ones over and over again were a bit of a drag. I had fun playing Princess Debut on the Nintendo DS.

One of the goals of any intelligent man or woman is to become married for the rest of their lives. Princess Debut encourages that, and teaches girls to seek out a committed relationship with a boy they love. The only lesson in Princess Debut that might bother people is the princess one. Marriage is about serving one another, and compromises. Too many have fallen apart because one or both parties act selfishly. I would love to see sequels to this franchise.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 84%
Sound: 91%
Replay/Extras: 95%
Gameplay: 86%
Family Friendly Factor: 92%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Natsume
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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