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NBA Ballers Chosen One NBA Ballers Chosen One 


NBA Ballers Chosen One on the Sony Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 comes to us from our good friends at Midway. This is an arcade style basketball game in the vein of NBA Jam (editor: for those that go back a few years). Plenty of NBA talent is included from a diverse array of time. No worries though as there are a lot of current players in this video game. After the NBA Finals players get together to participate in challenges to see who will be the Chosen One. There is one on one, two on two, one on one on one (what I call three for all), shoot out, practice, and a three point challenge. The Create-A-Baller option is going to appeal to a lot of gamers.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how conservatively the overwhelming majority of the women are dressed in NBA Ballers Chosen One. The courts have a nice shine to them, and the models of the players looks good. There are some courts with some really cool bright graphics that got me pumped to start dunking that ball. Like in real basketball there is contact, but it seems more incidental. Fouls are present and I got called on goal tending and charging.

Most current basketball games have a little issue with lyrical content. NBA Ballers Chosen One is free and clear in this area. There is music, and it is instrumental. Chuck D does the narration, and he keeps it clean. Yes the same Chuck D from Public Enemy. He adds to the feel of this game, and really makes it more fun. Phrases like: “Get that outta here,” or “Not in my house” brought a smile to my face.

If you like the kind of action that NBA Ballers Chosen One provides then there are plenty of replay opportunities. Online games are allowed which increases the replay value.

This is not a strategy, or realistic basketball game. The game play represents this quite well. The controls are okay but can get a little confusing at times. I tried to stick to only using a couple of the buttons and found it was easy to win that way. Passing to the sideline, or off the back board was a nifty option. I had a lot of fun playing NBA Ballers Chosen One. My one complaint is there is not a lot of variety to the game play. Putting the story mode into chapters, and having an end boss player was a really novel idea.

Players celebrate after scoring, and have animations after messing up on defense. I found these humorous and never showboating, which may surprise many since I am on the conservative side. I think Midway has laid the ground work for an exciting franchise. I would like to see some sequels especially if some variety is given to the game play. Maybe a three on three, or a two on three, etc. Safe for the entire family.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 73%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 74%
Family Friendly Factor: 77%
System: Playstation 3/Xbox 360
Publisher: Midway
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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