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Justice League Heroes 


I have to admit something to ya’ll - I was a comic book nerd before I got into video games. But there have been very few video games based on comic book characters that have been worth our time or money. Part of that has to do with - there are very involved story lines, and a lot of talking in the comic books. Too often video games are constantly only about the fighting, and not about the story. Well Warner Brothers Interactive tried their hand in Justice League Heroes on the Nintendo DS. Please note this game is based on the comic books, and not the cartoon series.

The graphics are done in a top down view that reminds of the old Gauntlet video games. Levels fall into two categories; regular, and boss. Regular levels consist of running around a level destroying all the generators, whereas boss levels consist of killing the boss character of that area. The cut scenes look like they are a frame or two from a comic book, which means certain female characters are lustfully represented. The camera behaves for the player, but much of the graphics are rather bland. In fact following the radar on the upper screen makes more sense when trying to find the way around.

There are a lot of smack, pow, and bam's as the player crushes their hundredth robot, or mind controlled villain. The music at the entrance of the game is rather majestic, as is the voice acting there. Which is exactly where it ends as well. The story is then given in a few words between characters - which turns into mainly our next area is here because of this lead. I did not hear any offensive language in this game.

Justice League Heroes has some excellent level sizes, and plenty of side quests to complete for anyone interested in finding all the hidden devices/people. I found it hard to care after a couple of levels since it was the same thing just a different name to the hidden items. The leveling up of the super heroes is nice, but almost seems pointless. I found little advantage to being a higher level, and the differences between the characters is minimal. There is a nice commercial to some DC superhero DVD’s in the extras.

The controls are just weird. Targeting, and then using certain attacks does not always work well. In fact I would have been concentrating on destroying a generator, and it would instantly swap over to the closest enemy without my input. This was frustrating when I wanted to take one thing out, and then move on. The touch screen controls are also poorly designed.

It is cool that the story has the heroes trying to free those from mind control. It made me think of the mind control that the entertainment industry tries to use on us. Justice League Heroes felt like a complete chore, and not much fun at all.
- Paul


Graphics: 55%
Sound: 67%
Replay/Extras: 69%
Gameplay: 59%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive
ESRB Rating: 'E10+' for Everyone 10+
{Cartoon Violence}

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