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High School Musical 2 Work This Out





High School Musical 2 Work This Out 


The main theme song to High School Musical 2 Work This Out is still stuck in my head. The Nintendo DS video game is based loosely on the Disney movie. For those unfamiliar with the premise, the Wildcat high school kids are on summer break and working at the Lava Springs Resort. This Nintendo DS cartridge lets players close their DS, plug in a set of headphones, and enjoy the soundtrack (editor: after the songs have been unlocked). The main game play mechanic is mini games based on the touch screen.

I am really unclear why Mario 64 can look so good on the Nintendo DS, but the 3D models look grainy in High School Musical 2 Work This Out. There are plenty of bright colors, although the details leave something to be desired. If you have seen either of the movies, then you know how some of the girls dress. Thankfully High School Musical 2 Work This Out on the DS does not accentuate any of that. On top of that the graphics are not detailed enough to reach the level of enticement to lust in my book.

I was really into the one song done two different ways when I started playing High School Musical 2 Work This Out. By the time I reached Day three of the game I wanted to turn off the in game music. I wound up hearing the same song(s) over and over again. I started to cringe when it came to playing this DS video game based on that alone. Some variety there, and/or ability to listen to the entire sound track would have been greatly appreciated.

The mini games are pretty quick, simple, and easy to perform. For some reason though they do not have the lasting appeal that made me want to keep replaying them. There are plenty of songs to unlock, which is what will keep most kids playing High School Musical 2 Work This Out.

All of the mini games have a connection to the beat. Tap the screen when a circle gets green, grab and drag a ball (golf, basketball, etc.) when the beat surrounds it. That is the main game play in High School Musical 2 Work This Out. There is a rare run around, and talk to certain people. On an even rarer frequency the player goes and fetches a certain item. The controls work great, but the variety is lacking. Even my niece asked if there was something else to do. Different characters are playable, but no game play differences between them at all.

High School Musical 2 Work This Out is generally safe for your children to play. I did not find any moral, or ethical issues with this DS game. The characters are pretty typical of their Disney cohorts. There is a solid foundation for this game, so a sequel with improvements is welcome.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 57%
Sound: 69%
Replay/Extras: 76%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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