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Hexic HD 


Hexic HD is a video game from Microsoft Game Studios that is pre-loaded on the Xbox 360. Players can upload their scores to see how they compare to others. Of course you will need an Xbox 360, internet connection, and go through all the registration of your system. But once that is done it is done. The game is installed on the hard drive of the Xbox 360, and can be played off line (without an internet connection) as often, and as long as the player desires. This is a puzzle game where three hexes are rotated in an attempt to match three (or more) of the same color. The man who created Tetris - Alexey Pajitnov is the mind behind this game as well.

The graphics in Hexic HD are pretty simplistic. This is a puzzle game after all, and they are not know to be graphical super powers. However the graphics are very bright and colorful. The choice of colors is nicely done, and they contrast with one another quite well. I found it very easy to distinguish between the various colors in my quest to find matching trinities. The screen selections outside the action enhance the experience. I found no offensive images in this video game at all.

The chiming sounds in Hexic HD are pleasant, and appealing. The music is also rather mellow and relaxing. A more frantic pallet is given when a bomb is hit incorrectly. Microsoft Game Studios has really been making up lost time (compared to Nintendo, Sega, Sony, EA, etc.) in most regards of their video game creation. Hexic HD shows that they have learned their lessons well. In other words some fruit is being seen on them there trees.

Puzzle games can be played, and played and played. The real balancing act is making sure a puzzle game does not get too addictive. I never did wind up dying, but was able to quit playing of my own free will. Hexic HD could get someone with an addictive personality hooked. If you are that kind of person, then make sure you have someone to help you; or avoid this game. Since it is free (editor: well comes free with the Xbox 360), it is worth your hard earned dollars.

The controls of this Xbox 360 game work decently. It took me a couple of tries to figure out how to play the game, and then strategy started to kick in. The arrangement of the colored hexes really seems to be random, so one game may be easier than another. I had fun playing this game, and found it to be a very laid back puzzle game that did not ever stress me.

Hexic HD teaches color matching, and concentration. These are lessons that can be very valuable. It is a game that is safe for the entire family, and a very interesting puzzler. My only concern is the possibility of addiction. If you are easily addicted then please do not play this game. Otherwise it is fun for all ages, and can be played for a few minutes here and there.
- Paul


Graphics: 83%
Sound: 93%
Replay/Extras: 86%
Gameplay: 92%
Family Friendly Factor: 88%
System: Xbox 360
Publisher: Microsoft
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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