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Go Pets Vacation Island 


I was very excited to get to play and review Go Pets Vacation Island. All of the stuff I read and saw made it look like a mix between Animal Crossing and Nintendogs. Players get an animal that they have to take care of, by feeding them, playing with them, etc. There is plenty of item collection, and five mini games to play along the way. Konami put together quite a mixture in this Nintendo DS video game. Expectations are high since this game was delayed so many times.

Go Pets Vacation Island has a nice cute little look to it with plenty of fun colors all over the game. The animals animate nicely, and give off a lot of character. The one complaint I have in the graphics is the tile mini game which is hard to see the tiles. There is a zoom on the upper screen, but most of the time players are looking at the bottom trying to match up these patterns. The amount of items in this game is astounding, and they all look good. I did not run across any offensive images, although I did not see every item in the game.

Go Pets Vacation Island has pleasant music. I was very thankful that the music was not annoying like so many other video games. It did not reach the level of humming, or having the music run through my head, but that is okay by me as well. I did not hear any offensive sounds while playing this DS game either.

I already mentioned the amazing array of items in Go Pets Vacation Island (over 700 to be exact). If you get into Go Pets Vacation Island then you will find a lot of replay value to this Nintendo DS cartridge. Players can have their animals visit friends villages. The one drawback to Go Pets Vacation Island is the only one save at a time.

Konami tried to go a couple of different directions with Go Pets Vacation Island. At times is plays wonderfully, and others it feels like this mixture gets mixed up (at least to me). I had fun playing Go Pets Vacation Island, and think a lot of people will. I will warn you that because of the small graphics on things like the tile mini game young children will wind up getting frustrated. My children certainly did, but they did enjoy the animal interaction.

I am encouraged that Konami has released a game like Go Pets Vacation Island. This is the market that Family Friendly Gaming talks to all the time. We know all ya’ll out there enjoy good, clean, and safe video games. This Nintendo DS falls into that category quite nicely. The family friendly video games are now mainstream, and the dirty, hateful video games are niche. I would love to see a sequel to Go Pets Vacation Island in the near future. Building creation would be great so we could make a church.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 83%
Sound: 84%
Replay/Extras: 89%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 88%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Konami
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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