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Go Go Gourmet 


Go Go Gourmet is a family friendly video game from Oberon Games that is downloadable from the internet. That means you can get this game cheaper than having to purchase a box, and going through all the normal channels. The only down side is the ESRB does not rate the game, but then that is probably why you are reading my review. Ginger wants to restore a restaurant and earns money by working in other restaurants. The player clicks on an order, then the items, and finally the kitchen device. When an order is complete clicking on the tray delivers the order and tips are acquired. Get enough points in a level and it is considered a success. The real fun comes into play when the player is juggling multiple orders at once.

There are a lot of nice bright, and cheerful colors found within Go Go Gourmet. I really liked the soft look to a lot of the game, because it made it more appealing. There is some nice art work done on the character drawings. All of the ingredients look like the real thing.

Go Go Gourmet has some pleasant sounds that enhance the game play. The ding when something is finished is absolutely perfect. The sounds also fit the soft theme, I just wish there had been some more memorable music.

There is plenty of items to unlock for the restaurant, and there are plenty of levels to play within Go Go Gourmet. If you are into this kind of puzzle action this is well worth the price of admission. A free demo mode is also available so you can try before you buy (editor: always a bonus).

The game play mainly consists of clicking on the next item needed in the recipe. My one problem is as more items are added the older ones are moved around. I spent a lot of time just looking to find where something was. With that said, Go Go Gourmet is a lot of fun in its simplistic design. Oberon Games shows video games can be good, clean, and safe fun for the entire family.

I would love to see some sequels to Go Go Gourmet. This is the kind of a video game that would make a nice port to the Nintendo DS. Go Go Gourmet is safe for the entire family, and is one I will recommend to my pastor.


Graphics: 89%
Sound: 82%
Replay/Extras: 91%
Gameplay: 87%
Family Friendly Factor: 92%
System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Oberon Games
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated

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