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Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 


The Wii is known for exercise, but there are calorie burning games like Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 on the Xbox 360 thanks to Konami. The Dance Dance franchise allows players to get up off the couch and get some exercise.  The song selection is the deciding factor for any consumer when it comes to a music game. This particular Dance Dance game is very heavy on the techno, and there are few songs in it that I have ever heard before (editor: and this reviewer is known to listen to some intense music). In fact a lot of the songs are remixes, which only the most hardcore music fans of certain groups will be most interested in.

The graphics in Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 are all over the board. They are bright colorful, and a lot is going on at the same time. Be warned this Xbox 360 game contains sexual content in the way certain people dress, and move. Parents looking for a game with clean dancing will find problems with Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3. Certain songs have the music video, so MTV kind of content can also be expected.

The sounds in this Xbox 360 video game match the quality of a CD. The ESRB is right to put the lyrics descriptor as one of the warnings of Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3. I found songs that contained words and commentary that bothered me. Compare these songs to what is in the Dance Praise games and there is a stark difference. There are some safe songs in this game families, and I want to be realistic about that.

Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 has great replay value especially the exercise mode. One of the keys to this franchise is getting exercise while gaming.  Konami included a lot of modes, and adjustable features to keep techno dance gamers happy.

The dance pad worked fine for me, but trying to play with an Xbox 360 controller is problematic (editor mainly in doing two directions at once). The steps required can be insane at times, and taxed my poor little brain. I found a few songs in Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 that I liked, and had some fun with.

Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 is not a perfect game (after all few are). I do like the exercise features included in this Xbox 360 game, and how it can physically improve people's lives. The songs contain all kinds of different lessons (some good, some bad). More good than bad.
- Sam


Graphics: 71%
Sound: 73%
Replay/Extras: 88%
Gameplay: 82%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%
System: Xbox 360
Publisher: Konami
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Lyrics, Mild Suggestive Themes}

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