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Candace Kanes Candy Factory





Candace Kanes Candy Factory 


Candace Kane's Candy Factory is another internet video game that has made it to the Nintendo Wii. I am starting to notice a trend here. Candace takes over the family business - a candy factory. Customers come in requesting certain a certain candy combination. Fill that order, they leave money, and the player may have some time to get three candy's of the same kind in a row for additional points. Each day the player needs to reach a certain quota to move on to the next day.

Candace Kane's Candy Factory has great colors, in fact the candy color selection makes getting the right combination a breeze. I found the diverse customers to be very family friendly. The only possible offensive image is a pirate looking character whose shirt is too short, and his belly button is showing. I like the images of service in this Wii game too.

A lot of games have problems with the audio department. I am pleased to report I found no offensive language in Candace Kane's Candy Factory. The rivalry between families/factories is kept clean as well. I wonder why so many other games have to include bad stuff, and can't keep it safe for the entire family. The music is okay in Candace Kane's Candy Factory, but it did not do anything for me.

Candace Kane's Candy Factory is a lot of fun to play, and replay. That is until after the game is beaten. Once I beat Candace Kane's Candy Factory I had little interest in replaying it. There are game related items to unlock, but I would have liked to see more extras on this disc. Two players can play one another so there is some multiplayer functionality as well.

The game play in Candace Kane's Candy Factory threw me at first. The game does a great job with the tutorial at the beginning, and explaining new game play aspects that come up. Candace Kane's Candy Factory is on the easy side, which is good and bad. I like how forgiving this game is, and lets me recover from a mistake. I do not like how quickly I was able to blow through this game.

Candace Kane's Candy Factory is worth the twenty bucks you will shell out for it. Being able to match three items as well as serve customers is a nice little twist to the internet hit. The Wii Remote is perfect for a game like Candace Kane's Candy Factory, and allows such a port to work. Families will find a lot to like in Candace Kane's Candy Factory because it is pretty safe for the family. I would love to see a sequel, especially if more is included.
- Luke


Graphics: 92%
Sound: 86%
Replay/Extras: 84%
Gameplay: 89%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Wii
Publisher: Destineer
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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