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Bigfoot Collision Course





Bigfoot Collision Course 


Bigfoot Collision Course sounds great on paper. Take some Monster Trucks (editor: like Bigfoot), throw in some race tracks, and you should have any instant classic right? Well the WMG is realizing that there needs to be a lot more to make an instant classic. There are also some things that look great on paper, but do not live up to the hype in reality. No worries friends, and family because stick with this review to comprehend where the WMG is going in this review.

Bigfoot Collision Course includes some great pictures of Monster Trucks, and it got the WMG excited about going to a Truck Rally. Then the game level started, and the details dropped drastically. The camera was generally good, with a few exceptions. Bigfoot Collision Course has some issues with the camera jerking when certain objects (like walls) are bumped into. The WMG also found a way to almost continually rotating the vehicle around on its side to back. In fact getting back to the proper horizontal/vertical combination took a few seconds.

The music in Bigfoot Collision Course for the Wii is okay. There is nothing earth shatteringly exciting about the music, nor is there anything irritating about it either. The special effect sounds are on the disappointing side for the WMG. The engine revving is pretty much the same, and there is little reason to slow down on any tracks. The collision sounds are good, especially if you are into Monster Trucks.

The WMG is not that impressed with the extras section of Bigfoot Collision Course. There are trucks and tracks to unlock, but beating one race can net quite a few new vehicles. The reasons to replay drops when these vehicles make easy races even easier. Bigfoot Collision Course is a bargain bin priced title, so there will be some that find this game worth the money. The WMG feels there are better games for twenty bucks though.

Bigfoot Collision Course has some gameplay issues. The ability to easily get messed up on some tracks led to a lot of frustration for this reviewer. The race tracks are pretty standard, but ice feels no different from dirt, or mud. The races are also extremely easy, and Bigfoot Collision Course can be beaten in one sitting by most gamers. Jumping, and smashing cars (editor: or other objects) is not a lot of fun either.

When it comes to moral, and ethical lessons Bigfoot Collision Course teaches concentration, and staying within the boundaries set. Destroying everything in your path is also a lesson some will come away with. Monster Truck games need to go to the core of what makes fans come to the Monster Truck shows. The race tracks found in this game are not what most people look for in a rally. A sequel could be made if the core of the sport is focused on.
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 66%
Sound: 75%
Replay/Extras: 67%
Gameplay: 63%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%
System: Wii
Publisher: Zoo Games
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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