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Avatar the Last Airbender Into the Inferno





Avatar the Last Airbender Into the Inferno 


I like Avatar the Last Airbender Into the Inferno. You may wonder why I start my review with that statement. Well, because there are so many things to not like about this Nintendo DS video game. The graphics are not that great, or inspired. The artistic direction of these graphics are horrible, and there is some mindless fighting as part of the game play. The puzzle action, and controls inspire team work. Avatar the Last Airbender Into the Inferno uses the touch control screen for everything. Tap on the screen to go somewhere, or interact with certain items. In fact the fighting is done by tapping on the enemies. Well that is not entirely true as the different elements can be bended. Touching water brings forth a water ball that can be used to extinguish flames, or even bash around the bad guys.

I mentioned the graphical problems in Avatar the Last Airbender Into the Inferno already. The short squat characters are a throwback, and not even a good one. There are some bright and colorful graphics, but also a lot of bland ones as well. There is a lot more puzzle action than fighting, but the fighting is still present and accounted for.

Avatar the Last Airbender Into the Inferno has great music. I was smiling while playing this game because of the music. The bending sounds of the various elements matches the previous games, and television show too.  Some of the story elements are included, but to me it seems pretty disconnected. I decided the story was not that important, and concentrated on the puzzle action.

THQ publishes a lot of games, and this is one Avatar game that sticks out. The reason is I blitzed through some levels not collecting everything, and it took me thirty minutes. Finding all these items, and coins allow the player to purchase a lot of different unlockables. The length of Avatar the Last Airbender Into the Inferno is way better than I expected. The difficulty is tweaked especially on the bosses, so this DS game is not for everyone.

Avatar the Last Airbender Into the Inferno has some of the best puzzles, and game play I have played in a long time. The only thing holding it back a little (the low score of 90) is the fighting. That fighting gets boring at SuperSonic speed. Every time I had to fight I was blitzing through to get to the next puzzle. The team work of splitting the two players to get through these puzzles show an amazing intelligent design.

Avatar the Last Airbender Into the Inferno contains the elements, and mysticism. The players are also trying to save the day, and stop evil. The fighting takes away a little, but the core action of this game has a lot of charm. I would love to see more games like this, maybe one without the Avatar mantra.
 - Luke


Graphics: 62%
Sound: 81%
Replay/Extras: 77%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 69%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: THQ
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Cartoon Violence}

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