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All Star Cheer Squad 


Tony G was involved in the design of the cheers in All Star Cheer Squad on the Wii. Everyone familiar with the "Bring it On" movies will recognize that name. A little inside joke at THQ is the Spirit Fingers from the first movie. Girls or boys get to start as a replacement cheerleader for a squad that had an injury. The Wii Balance board is optional, however the Wii Remote and Nunchuck are required. This game has the player put the two controllers into certain cheer like positions. The goal of the player is to make the squad, become the captain, and finally lead their team to victory in each of the cheer competitions.

Out of all the cheer leading video games I have played I appreciate the graphics in All Star Cheer Squad the best. The girls look realistic, and the majority of their outfits are not meant to enslave men into lust. There are a few that could fit into questionable, but much better than other games I have played on the market. The cheerleaders dance like in the real world, and that means cheerleaders. Thankfully THQ kept the MTV style of dancing out of this game, which is great progress for the industry.

The music in All Star Cheer Squad is exceptional. The ESRB is right on with the mild lyrics descriptor because there is some language in this game that I do not want my own children repeating.  I enjoyed how skeptical the captain was of my skills at first, but how eventually I won her over. All Star Cheer Squad has a Bring It On kind feel to it, and I liked the first movie (and yes there are some bad parts in that movie).

THQ stuffed All Star Cheer Squad chock full of unlockable content, and diverse play modes. From different cheer moves, to uniforms this game has a lot to discover. All Star Cheer Squad progresses the player along at just the right pace. If you (or your daughter) are interested in cheer leading at all, this is an excellent video game for you to purchase.

Obesity is becoming a huge problem in America which is why a game like All Star Cheer Squad has great game play value. The exercise I got while playing this Wii game may be light, but much better than sitting in front of the TV, or in front of a computer. I enjoy getting up and getting the blood moving a bit. I had fun playing this game, and like the grading system. I did have an occasional problem with one cheer move (the up position). The loading screens were a little too frequent for me.

All Star Cheer Squad makes a wonderful addition to the Wii library. Diligent hard work, and patiences are some of the lessons found in this Wii game. Cheer leading is a serious, and competitive sport that All Star Cheer Squad gives respect to. Women are also shown in a positive light in this game and I appreciate that.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 82%
Sound: 83%
Replay/Extras: 94%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 85%
System: Wii
Publisher: THQ
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Lyrics}

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