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Adventures in Voice Acting Volume 1 


As Family Friendly Gaming continues to grow, and be blessed with wonderful stature in the entertainment industry - we include more. The expansion into hardware reviews was expected by many readers. This is the first Family Friendly Gaming DVD review. That’s right, we are now looking at the family friendly nature of DVD’s. Adventures in Voice Acting Volume 1 (Anime) has a slight video game connection. DVD’s we review in the future may not though. This DVD gives viewers a fascinating behind the scenes look at the profession of Voice Actors. The main theme of this particular volume of this documentary is Anime. Anime is the Japanese cartoons for those sitting at home confused by that word. The good side, and the bad side of the profession are shown in a very realistic way.

The video quality of Adventures in Voice Acting Volume 1 is pretty good. The transition between actors in their interviews are done well, and enough time is given to learn who each of these people are. There are also anime shots thrown in that are usually related to the lesson at hand. There are a few violent images in the anime, but they are few and far between. Getting to see behind the scenes of these studios is quite a treat for me personally. So I appreciated that quite a bit.

When the DVD is first turned on the viewer is treated with a voice actor reading the FBI warning, and being given instructions by the director. This sets the theme for the entire DVD. I was a little worried that there was one profane word used at the intro to the first episode. Thankfully I did not hear any other profanities used throughout the rest. The vocal ranges these actors have is simply amazing. I loved to hear them do different voices and explain how they are done. I can do a few voices, but nothing like these professionals.

There are a couple of extras included on Adventures in Voice Acting Volume 1 that are very helpful for those interested in trying to get into the industry. The feature is 130 minutes and the extras are 32 minutes, which make this worth the money in my book.

Everything in Adventures in Voice Acting Volume 1 functioned perfectly. I ran into no errors, issues, or problems and tried it out on different DVD players (including a cheap 30 dollar one from Wal-mart). The layout of the menus are very intelligent, and easy to use.

The one bad word has already been addressed, and that is the only family friendly issue I can find. I love how the good and the bad to this profession are exposed in a fair and balanced manner.
- Paul


Graphics: 88%
Sound: 71%
Replay/Extras: 86%
Gameplay: 91%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%
System: DVD
Publisher: Bang Zoom Entertainment
ESRB Rating: 13up Documentary

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