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Super Mario Galaxy 


One of my biggest peeves was the fact that Nintendo waited almost a whole year to release the newest installment of the Mario franchise, Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. My impatience made me look like a fool, to be honest. The wait was well worth it. Super Mario Galaxy is the answer to the platforming crave all Nintendo fanboys and non-fanboys alike have been wishing for. The story, while being simple and delightful (as most Mario games seem to go for), is actually one of the most epic ideas ever to grace the video game industry. Every 100 years, a magnificent comet soars through the skies of the Mushroom Kingdom. Our jolly little hero, Mario, goes to the castle to watch the spectacular even with Peach, the princess of the fair Kingdom. All goes well, and it looks to be an amazing night for the citizens. Just as the celebration starts, Bowser, evil king of the Koopas, attacks the city and completely ruins the celebration! Just as Mario makes his way to the castle, Bowser lifts up the castle and completely totals Mario in the process. He soon wakes up to find himself on a mysterious planet. I’ll stop there and leave the suspense to you. It’s quite a surprising opening.

The sounds are quite amazing. From the voice of our jolly hero (usually laughing) to the live orchestrated music which I have been waiting for (yes, I’m a music guy), everything is solid and wonderful. Like mentioned above, Nintendo had a live orchestra to perform the music. The sound is crystal clear, and I promise you’ll like it. Mario, as usual, has his cheery voice with sounds like “Yahoo!” and “Hee-hee!”. All sounds are family friendly, so there is nothing wrong in this department.

The graphics are a delight. Finally, effort is shown in this 3-D platformer! Objects are smooth, and the textures and colors of the game work perfectly for a Mario title. Oceans and skies light up with life, and soaring through space is a blast. The controls work very well. The player will use the Wii remote to jump with the A button and so on, while the Nunchuck attachment is used to run and squat. Everything works smoothly.

Over all, this game is a must have for the Nintendo Wii in my opinion. If you do not have this game, I recommend you get it ASAP! Anyone can pick up this game and learn to play. The moral (from what I could get out of this) is that as long as you work hard, and rely on friends, everything will work out in the end. And as an added bonus, Nintendo added a nice feature for when you get all 120 stars with Mario. I won’t spoil it for you, but I can tell you you’ll be seeing a little more green.

{Editor's Note: Mario now has the ability to turn into a ghost. We understand the problems with this even though the review does not directly address it. }


Graphics: 92%
Sound: 94%
Replay/Extras: 91%
Gameplay: 99%
Family Friendly Factor: 82%
System: Wii
Publisher: Nintendo
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Cartoon Violence}

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