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Koala Brothers Outback Adventures





Koala Brothers Outback Adventures 


American Game Factory has been consistently filling a void in the video game market. That void is good, quality games for kids. Koala Brothers Outback Adventures on the Gameboy Advance falls right into line. This is an ‘EC’ rated game, meaning Early Childhood. There are too few of these games, and American Game Factory has been stepping up to the plate to provide for parents of young ones. This game has a major theme of helping others, especially those in need. The Koala Brothers has quite a diverse cast of animal characters who are in the Australian Outback. The Australian Outback is cool enough, then adding in crocodiles, koala bears, and turtles (editor: just to name a few) certainly makes this one appealing video game concept.

Graphically Koala Brothers Outback Adventures is very bright and colorful. The details are nicely done on the Gameboy Advance, and some of the large models (in certain games) are rather impressive. Developers like Sirius Games really are squeezing ever last ounce of power out of that hand held machine. Wholesome images are used properly in this game. This reviewer could find nothing wrong offensive with the graphical section of this game. The Australian Outback themed graphics are very pleasant to view.

The music in Koala Brothers: Outback Adventures is very nice to listen to. The varying sound effects work really good, and made perfect sense. I found myself humming the music after playing this game, and that is a really cool thing indeed. There were no offensive sounds that this reviewer found in this game at all.

When the player starts the game, they are able to select from quite a few different mini games. This allows kid gamers to play quite a few different game, and not be stuck behind some level not sure how to progress. Each of these mini games can be played over and over again. Once the child finds a game or two they really like, they can keep playing that game. This is a game that is certainly worth the money, and can be played by anyone (editor: one person at a time). Koala Brothers Outback Adventures rewards the player with really neat screen shots after beating a mini game.

Many reviewers in the video game journalism realm will completely miss the point of this game. It is a learning game for children. That is the target audience, and anyone who does not review this game with that in mind totally discredits themselves as a reviewer. The controls in this game handle perfectly for each of the different mini games. That alone is quite a feat, especially considering how many varied gameplay styles are found within. The level design is perfectly matched for the age of the target audience. Koala Brothers Outback Adventures is a load of fun. We made sure to let some children try this game, and they had a blast with it (editor: how many other gaming media outlets do that?). The ability to jump right into any of the games is a stroke of genius on American Game Factory’s part.

It would be so nice if every video game on the market was like this one. The great lessons taught are about helping others, especially those in need. The world would have less problems if more people had learned such lessons repeatedly throughout life. This game is safe for the entire family, gets a recommendation to pastors, was a joy to play, and this reviewer would love to see a sequel to it. American Game Factory is a company to keep your eye on, especially if you are looking for kids video games that are safe. Those into the Koala Brothers will find this game a special treat as well.
- Kid Gamer


Graphics: 92%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 100%
Family Friendly Factor: 98%
System: Gameboy Advance
Publisher: The Game Factory
ESRB Rating:
'EC' for Early Childhood

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